Let's Talk Tarot Symbolism as We Welcome the Beginning of Spring/Ostara!

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Welcome to OSTARA...
Welcome the first day of Spring 2018!

Spring is the time when we welcome the light as it slowly moves over the darkness from the previous transition period of Imbolc.

Springtime marks our planting seasons (in the Northern Hemisphere), as the frost is slowly melting away, allowing the small sprigs of green life to peak through the soil.

Cherry_blossoms_tree wikimedia.jpg

Our sun has passed over the celestial equator, allowing the warmth to begin moving through, and it creates new beginnings of life and growth.

Today I wanted to randomly draw one card in recognition of the Spring Equinox, or, Ostara…

I decided to draw from my Aquarian Tarot deck, although I will also be sharing images from The Radiant Tarot and The Hermetic Tarot as well, just for comparison and contrasts sake…

It was no surprise to me that the card I drew was the Queen of Rods…
Queen of Wands in Rider-Waite style decks, and Queen of the Thrones of Flame in the Hermetic Tarot:


The Queen of Rods or Wands represents warmth, vibrancy, fertility, fire, creativity, and determination. Considering the fact that the warmth from the sun is granting us more of its presence now, it will also allow creation to flow once again as we observe the new blooms and growth of Springtime.

This Queen is the dominant feminine aspect of the Fire element. She is a strong leader and displays determination and focus.

The Queen is highly energetic and vibrant. She has the ability to take care of herself and is extremely fierce and determined in order to get what she desires.

She wants to remind us to be bold and courageous in all of our creative endeavors. She reflects self-confidence and optimism. This tells us that we too can move into any new experience with the same strength and courage that she is showing to us.


The Queen radiates such a positive energy she tends to draw much attention to herself, which is fine with her, as she can be somewhat of a social butterfly and is very charismatic!

In both the Radiant Rider Waite, and the Aquarian Tarot decks, you will notice the Sunflower she is holding. This represents fertility and life. So too, in her other hand is her wand or rod, which also shows us new sprigs of growth sprouting from it, again the perfect symbolism for the new growth we observe in Spring.

Finally, on the Hermetic Tarot card she is surrounded by flames, which represents her fire and drive for success. Her energy is highly infectious and she can be an extremely ambitious manager, who challenges and encourages others.

Welcome the radiant energy and warmth of Spring and let your creative juices really flow!! Try to remember the Queen of Wands should you begin to feel discouraged! She can be a bit stubborn at times, but she can also be very resourceful, exuberant and loving!

peace 2.jpg



@tarotbyfergus, the cards never lie... that's the coolest part I think! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Ostara!!

So ready for this energy here! I have SPRINGS in my feet!

And a joyous Ostara to you as well ! Got a little Spring in my step here, too @intuitivejakob! LOL!
Spring and Fall are my two favorites... peace!

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