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Relatively recently, by simple chance I came across this term that gave name to something I felt a long time ago, according to an article by "For sapiosexuals, a marked intelligence is the main factor in seduction"; and I do not know if the taste is very particular, but I feel I am on the list of those that can be included in this concept, I do not deny that my genetics makes me flip almost immediately and only with the dissimulation of those we want not to bother, before a well structured body, to say it in a rather ambiguous and general way, however, the few times that I have left my heart to a being that is not me, it has never ended up being the envelope, in fact, I have noticed with the time that my attraction for the feminine intelligence is so effervescent that, many years later I have seen fractions of the physique of these little girls that I never noticed while I was with them.

I do not know, if he is a general, I can speak only for myself, but a neckline that reveals something as beautiful as the female figure can move my body, however a conversation with that same person where there are some of his concepts and opinions is for me something that eclipses any other sensation, someone with whom you can have pop references, but who knows when you talk about literature is like a chocolate covered with nutella.

Maybe it's a question of age, although I doubt it, I still remember how I put myself at 20 before certain women who denoted a Plus intelligence, it was as if their IQ was of lace or if each of the words they said and which I had that searching in a dictionary was a strategy formulated specifically to become addicted to its ideological curves.
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I get bored very easily, I find it hard not to engage in automatic conversations while I think about other things, in fact it is difficult for me to focus my attention on someone for a long time, but in this ocean of dissatisfaction there were people who abstracted me from the world and they make me focus 100% of my senses on things that make sense in their words, that if they are missing it is equivalent to missing a large amount of oxygen.

God forbid me to follow stereotypes, but that known, false in my opinion but popular of blondes is something that hurts women, because I'm sure, any woman will leave more footprint showing a bit of the great processing capacity with that the creator gave them that showing any other gift given by the same.
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I am not a Puritan, I already mention it, proudly Latino, and therefore prone to break my neck for any sculpture of those who adorn our roads in all these Caribbean countries, I only give from here a standing applause, to those women that combine their heels and their brain so exquisitely well.

One last item that I can not miss, if you like to admire that sensual and provocative part of being blessed by evolution, take a stroll through the Post of our Steemit girls, in any language you will be amazed.
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