WOW! Because addiction, People's Face consumed by their Gadgets that They use!

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do you feel that the technology has now been successfully seized so many activities and interaction between people? Useful addition, are now more people are becoming addicted to gadgets which he held on, and forget about the surrounding situation. It is not impossible in the future, will there was a time people will need services due to the anti-addiction gadgets too often he ignores around.

The theme of these, a young photographer, namely Antoine Geiger issued a series of photos of manipulation, tells the story of people whose faces are sucked into the gadgets they use. The photos seemed to remind people of the severity level of contemporary society addicted to smartphones. The 20-year-old photographer for two years also has held four exhibitions on his work in several different countries.

Here the works of Antoine Geiger entitled SUR-FAKE.

Too busy with gadgets

Selfie oh selfie

Beautiful painting felt worthless

Monalisa had to admit defeat from selfie

Ride a bike, do not forget to use the camera

The street was forgotten due to smartphone

Another busy person in the relax world

how? Do you have enough quipped with photos of the works of Geiger Antoine? Give your opinion in the comments below ya.


image source : google


Exactly right.
Damn technology.
I recall when I was but a young lad. Everyone rode horses like god intended them to. Then that Damn Henry Ford invented the Model T...and people got rid of their horses.

thats a Modern Life ! hhaha

This is actually so spoton ... people seen to be addicted to these media mechines. I have personally forced myself and often declair a day where I on purpose dont interact for a full 24 hours.

wow, thats a good way I thing . People nowadays can't live without that monster(gadget). :3

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