15 Sadly Illustration, that quip Today's Modern Life [15pic]

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At times like this, many people are very proud of its modern life. The reason is, most people will always do in any way that their needs are met, never saw whether it was good or bad.

One illustrator named Pawel Kuczynski from Poland, made a variety of illustrations to satirize modern life today. In his works, he shed all the expressions and emotions he has because he saw the times were more and more depressing. Approximately will be as sad as what ya homemade work?

  1. For the sake of earning money, all should strive to DIE!
  1. Turning a beloved, which was not killing.
  1. Learn or be forced to learn?

  2. Lectures from politicians that contain rubbish.

  3. When childhood used to bother.

  4. Can anyone describe grief like this?

  5. Just for the sake of a dime, all brave tortured and killed a human life.

  6. Is this the so-called modern life?

  7. For the fun of the rich, the poor have to do anything.

  8. You understand this?

  9. In the end, they were forced to live will die.

  10. All the nice things can only be remembered through photographs.

  11. You will not know if you killed from behind.

  12. The rich who do not want to share.

  13. As already dead, you will not be ignored.

image source : google

That is a collection of satirical illustration of modern life today. Do you really feel insinuated? If not, then understand the meaning behind all the pictures illustrated above. Share your opinion in the comments below.

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