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Hi guys,how are you all?hope you are all well.today i will described you road jam to our country.hope you are all read it.

our country main problem is road jam.every morning when i get up into the bed i am going for a walk.infornt of my house in a road.Every day after I got out of my house I could see a lot of jam standing in front of the road.
We should take various steps to prevent these road jams.We need the help of various people to implement these initiatives, especially the help of a traffic police member.Apart from the traffic police, we need to be aware of these things to the common people while driving.
When the car gets jammed, people's movement is very bad and time is wasted so we can't get to that place in time.This can cause a lot of damage to our lives and delays for office, we have to suffer a lot so we should drive carefully and not jam on the road.



Three...thank u all.

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