"Share something or someone that you have discovered on the Steem blockchain that has inspired you or shifted your view, life or opinions." || @Ecotrain Challenge

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Hey everyone, Happy weekend ...

This week @ecotrain came up with a challenge which put me into dilemma and that is who or what inspired you, helped you and supported you in this steem blockchain journey. Well, I have long list and enormous names but I am thinking is it good idea to mention everyone, every single person.. Well, let's see.... Let's talk about my rock and roll steem journey a little bit....


Steem Journey :

When I came into this blockchain I had no idea about steem or anything even don't know anything. I still remember I have wrote some shit content but those still made me smile.. Lolll.... But one name I wanna mention first who helped me to start my journey was @azizbd and @steemitbd . Well, my native Bangladeshi community who helped me to understand a little bit about steem and how to write post. I still remember he explained me for one hour about steem and he said oneday I will shine....

Second person, the person who believed in me and thought I have some potential was @shadowspub , I am sorry Shadow to tag you but I can't thank you enough for helping me in this steem journey. She was the first one who delegated me some sp to continue my hard steem journey and introduced me with @welcomewagon .. Yes, here come my two awesome mentors called @dreemsteem and @bluefinstudios . They guided me , taught me details of steem , made me understand a lot of details about steem and most importantly they answered all of my rubbish questions so politely... I know I irritated both of them so much and I know I was one of the worst student.. :P :P Hehehe .. Dreemie I miss you....

So much communities I can recall , @thealliance , @steemterminal team , so much love and support... I am really grateful towards them... Right now being curator of @helpie , @bdcommunity , @DIYTube , Moderator of @actifit , @onelovedtube , @r2cornell community , I feel amazed because working with communities is another feeling. Helping people, giving them guidelines , contributions means a lot.......


Dtube Journey:

Many of you may know I love making videos so much but you know what I was one of the most shy , camera afraid girl . I remember , @hafizullah bro first introduced me with @dtube doing collaboration with me, I was really very nervous...Then I got introduce with @nathanmars who helped a lot on my Dtube journey. Plus , one women inspired me most and she was none other than @prettynicevideo , I first saw her clean planet video with her kids and really amazed me, I left a formal comment that time .. :P :P hehehe.. Now , our bonding became much more than steem .. hehehehe... What you say dear??? I also wanna thank @jeronimorubio (my Jelly Bro) , @d00k13 (Peanut) , @kaerpediem , @steemersayu907 and @tibfox for support and encourage me so much and for giving me lots of inspiration.....

Bonding :

Being part of this blockhchain, I am able to think out of the box... I have got friends here like @wolfhart (who is no more with us), @xcountytravelers (Ren my steem sister), @trincowski ( Buddy) ... @snook the most admirable person I have ever met and she just someone whom I never want to loose from my life... Everysteps of my current life , she supported me , suggested me on every single way of my journey...

Another important person I wanna mention is @r2cornell , a man with dignity and inspiration to everyone. I am grateful that I met him on steem blockchain and got chance to talk with him every single matter when I am confuse.. His suggestion , experience really helped me so much....

Okay I should stop, It's not like making bread and butter , it's reality of my steem journey, people I found here , created bonding...Well , Last name I am just mentioning but don't wanna say anything about him and he is @blind-spot ... I feel I should keep my mouth shut....

I am @priyanarc..... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life.I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way i can know and reach your mind and thought easily...


Find me on youtube

Thank you so much....Thanks to @bdcommunity for always supporting me. Also i am thankful towards @welcomewagon for giving me the opportunity to develop myself and for generous support from all members...thank you @nathanmars for enormous support. Thank you @onelovedtube , @DIYTube and @helpie ...

Thank you @sergiomendes for this amazing GIF.... If you want your GIF also you can contact with him...

Also wanna Thank @singhcapital for support and contribution. He is contributing a lot for steem blockchain and supporting lots of steemians. He is here with a massive project and spreading words about crypto among people. If you want to be part of his journey , all you have to do follow @Thejohalfiles .

You can find me on Twitter

After all I believe in community power , interaction , connection and engagement....

Join @onelovedtube


Ready to do some activities??? Join @actifit



Curator of @DIYTube

Proud member of @ecotrain....


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Totally love that you have branched out and are doing so much. You have come so far sweetness.

Thank you for the mention and your very kind words. I was having a rough day yesterday and to read what you wrote touched me.

Helloooo! A big "thank you" for using our service and for helping to increase the value of DIY Token by burning them to null. Feel free to get in touch with us via discord if you have any questions.

Of course we would be pleased if you would buy a few new tokens and if you are talking with your audience / friends about us!

huh no mention for me .. hmmm... hmmm .. (jk)

Good to know about your journey and wish you more success .

!neoxag 20

Hahaha.. Bro... 🤣🤣🤣 I have nominated Entire @bdcommunity team.. Hahaha...

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Please check your neoxian.city wallet.

Thank you so much... Tips are nice... 😁😁

Thank you for the ecotrain information. Tomorrow I will write who inspired me

Thanks @jozef230 .. I will look forward to check your post...

C2 is a bomb, but C2 is Cool and Clever. Congratulation for your journey @priyanarc. Blessing

haha thanks friend..

You are welcomw :)

Wow, this almost sounds like a speech you're doing after winning an Oscar. 🙃

Thanks for the mention. 😊

haha kind of... buddy... haha @trincowski .. but its my reality..

I have this before... the camera loves you :D
For a camera shy girl you have come a long way in such a short time
Keep doing what you do <33

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Nice you have found so much help and resonance. But who Challenged you the most and changed your thinking?? That important part of the question almost everyone is sidestepping... LOL

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Hi dear , well it was hard for me to pick up one name because everyone had contributions and influence on my steem journey.. May be I will be able to figure out one name for this challenge.. Lets see whether I am gonna be able to figure that out or not.. You put me into deep thoughts .. 😁😁😁

Thanks dear @artemislives ..