priyanarc's instagram Feed : 2019/06/06 (Colors)

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Sometimes whenever I capture pictures with any type of graffiti or mural/street art, I feel like I am part of it. Kind of element, is it good when you find yourself blended with the elements surrounded by you?? Not really...

To be honest there are lots of interesting place in Kharkov where you can capture good pictures but I don't know I always select abandon places or roadside murals... I find them interesting.. This is the art of kharkov cityscape, artist tried to draw his/her own vision , imagination of kharkov city.

Use of bold colors really amazed me and I always wonder how they do that.. Really interesting to explore different street art of kharkov street. Life is full of colors, it's upto us how we find them and enjoy them.

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Looking great as per usual

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  ·  last month (edited)

Not as much good like yours... Oh well, I forgot to go to appics.. Lolll... :D @sergiomendes... By the way Thank you so much for the compliment...

Ohh don't be silly. Your photos are amazing

;) :) Thanks buddy...

WOW, on my phone I thought you were standing across street from the painting. Looked at on my computer and realized you were leaning on the wall.

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hahahaha... Your feedback made me laugh... hihihihih... @mytechtrail...

Laughter is the best medicine, was the name of a column in Readers Digest years ago.😎

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Thank you @hungryharish ...