6 Habits That You Should Master Right After Entering Your 20s

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Since I've turned 23 in December, there were a lot of habits that I started forming at the time when I just crossed my teenage. While some of them were found and worked 100% by me through research and studies, some were taught by experienced elders that I should start forming them. Now I think that it's time for me to share this knowledge with other folks.

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Your teenage years are all about enjoyment, right? You can do anything you like, anything you want, without having to worry about the future, but at the time when you enter into the 20s, now it's time that you start your struggle for life. Let's admit at first that life is not easy, at least not in our country. You start taking steps more carefully than you ever took before.

I don't know the exact percentage but I've seen people forming bad habits in their teenage years and not correcting them (or not even knowing them) in their 20s. While I'm in my early 20s, I can't tell how life is in the late 20s, but since many elders shared their experience and as we can note also by ourselves, it's time not to behave childishly but live like a real man.

1. Understand who you are and accept yourself:

Now it probably sounds like an old thing that is already taught to you by your elders or well-wishers, but the reality is that even though most people know this, but they don't understand themselves and rather, follow the footsteps of others. They try imitating others and think that they are the most successful ones but in reality, they are the fool ones.

You must know yourself. You should know about your strong areas and also your shortcomings. Everyone is made unique. You must know first that you are unique, you don't necessarily have to be like others. You've got your unique traits. Know yourself first, then you will start learning to accept your unique traits.

When you truly know yourself, you start making decisions that are within your abilities, avoid most of the bad decisions, dress according to your body type, understand your unique traits and you start using them for your benefits. Start doing it in your early 20s and you'll see your life going to the right track.

2. Fight with negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones:

Folks, we often say things to ourselves whether consciously or unconsciously. It's important what we call ourselves and what we think about who we are. You must start paying attention to what you are saying to yourself. If it's negative then stop right there, think why you said this to yourself and ponder over them. If you constantly say negative things to yourself, then replace them with the positive ones.

For example, if you've failed to pot a ball in the billiard's pocket and you say to yourself, "damn, I'm a loser and I can never play like those expert players" then stop right there. Rather say this to yourself, "I've just learned another shot that doesn't work and I'm now one more step closer to becoming the champion". Please yourself, think positive and explore the power of positivity.

3. Learn to give without expecting any return:

You may not know how great it feels to give something to others without expecting anything in return. Giving is not limited to wealth, you can help someone physically too. You can give someone your time. You can give courage to someone who've lost all the hopes in life. But here's the main point, you mustn't expect anything in return from him.

By giving someone, you are helping him and God also loves those who give the helping hand to his creation. You will get something back from your God but don't expect something back from the person. When you start helping or giving others, you'll be amazed at how it will ease your life.

4. Learn how to deal with stress:

Remember, there's no free lunch. Life comes with its stressors and you'll start discovering them only once you enter your 20s or cross your 20s (different for everyone). In our country, I've seen many teenagers who are living stressful lives mostly because of their financial situation. But the reason for stress and the age limit differs for everyone.

Here's the main point, you should know the technique of dealing with stress that works for you. Yes, life is difficult and comes with stressors, but it doesn't mean that you have to take them, rather fight them with your special techniques. See, the technique differs for everyone. Some people like to spend time with good friends during stress, some like to play video games, some of them go for the mediation, and some go for the workout in the gym to relieve themselves. Find which technique suits you, and make it your habit every time you feel stressed.

5. Learn to say "No":

Are you one of those people pleasers who will say "Yes" to anything even if you do not agree or ready from your heart? If yes, then stop this habit and replace it by learning to say "No". One of the essentials of living the life you deserve is standing your ground and doing what you think by heart that you want to do. Pay zero attention to what people will think or say about you.

Don't allow people to wrong you by saying yes. For example, if you are in a gathering and people are using wrong words for you, stop them by informing them that you are not liking it, and if they continue doing it, then you don't deserve to be in such a gathering, step up and get back to those people you like.

6. Learn to forgive:

We are human. We are prone to make mistakes. I'm sure that there are people whom you feel that have wronged you in some way or they may have done the opposite of what you expected from them. Remember how God forgives us when we sin or make mistakes? Man, He has all the powers and can punish us however he wants, but he forgives us and gives us another chance.

Learn to forgive and make it your habit. Forgiving doesn't mean that you are making the wrong right. It simply means that you've decided to move forward with life and understand that past can never come back and since it can't come back, it is unworthy to remain bitter and angry on others, forgive and move on with your life. You will soon realize the power of forgiving once you start doing it.

I think we've learned enough for today. There are some other ones that I'd had loved to mention but maybe let's keep them for the next post? Follow me on @princewahaj for my upcoming content if you liked this one. I'll do my best that whatever I post turns out to be informative for you and not just fill your feed space. Thank you for spending your time with me. Have a nice day!