Makeup for brown eyes filled with warmth :)

in life •  2 years ago 

Our ideas for makeup for brown eyes are extremely relevant for the season. It turns out that brown eyes this time perfectly fit into the trends of this year's make-up. Modern skin colors are so-called natural colors. Show the beauty of your eyes with shades like gold, brown, beige, chocolate and gray.

You have dark chocolate eyes - wonderful, rewarded with fate (or genes maybe) with a look radiating heat for life, so we will inspire you to make a makeup for your brown eyes. More than half of the population on the ground has such color eyes and we are glad we can be useful. Bearing such color eyes does not mean you can not be fashionable and beautiful with your makeup. Even on the contrary. Gold, chocolate and brown will make your broadcast even more beautiful and impressive. Depending on the saturation and the shade of the shadows, you can make a daytime or evening makeup. The combination with a dark eyeliner will add a proper finish.

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