How to be sexy .. ❤

in life •  2 years ago  (edited)

Explore your friends and colleagues. Usually the most attractive among them are donated not only with beauty, but also with intelligence and charm. The doors are opening in front of them in a magical way, and people are fighting to help them. On top of all these wonderful creatures seem to have much less trouble.

Beauty gives a flying start as much as you do not like it as a thought. Maybe it's not fair, but it's definitely a big plus if you're born nice. The likelihood of developing charisma, self-esteem and sex appeal is greater, and that can bring you a few leva on top of your salary. Dozens of scientific studies point to the same conclusion: physically and socially attractive people have an advantage in life.

They are more successful, more persuasive, and the likelihood of depression is smaller. In addition, they are more desirable than both sexes, and are even slightly smarter. All this, along with beauty, is capable of making the more ghostly among us squeak with (slightly distorted) teeth of jealousy.

Good news, however, is that we can learn to be sexy - this is an ability that, like everyone else, requires effort and dedication. You may not have symmetrical traits and even tan, which are a vital component of the Western beauty concept, but you can certainly acquire other qualities.

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