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I was thinking of a Steemit post when I came across this picture in my files. This was a few months after I moved into my house. As you can see, my front yard was basically just piled-up soil. It was difficult to enter my house because the soil crumbled when you stepped on it. I put some stones but still they wouldn't hold.

So I put the matters in my own hands. I never constructed anything before using hollow blocks but I just tried to do it. I actually didn't put any cement as well, just the available soil and some washed up sand from my neighbor.

I worked hard the whole day, with just the shovel as my only tool. After I finished, I breathed a sigh of relief and accomplishment. I was proud of my work. At the back of my head, I thought it will probably not hold without cement. But so far, it has been 5 years and those stairs are still there.

Life may give me challenges each and every day but I am proud of the things that I can accomplish on my own. All it takes is believing that you can do it and actually taking the step to do it.


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Your hard work is admirable. 😀

"All it takes is believing that you can do it and actually taking the step to do it". Amen to that.

I believe am going to be a chocolate eating celebrity someday and people will pay to see me eat 😂

Nothing is impossible. Chocolate eating celebrity is interesting! 🍫😁

I like that kind of attitude. Take matters into your hands and just go with it. It's surprising what we can do.

Surprise ourselves each day with what we can do. Thanks for the comment!