My special day

in #life2 years ago


WARNING: Nude pic 😂😂😂

In about a day from now, this picture would have happened exactly 37 years ago. This picture is full of love as a mother finally gave birth after a few hours of labor at home with only a midwife and no anaesthesia. She also painstakingly endured 9 months with a human being in her tummy. The baby's father took this picture excitedly as the baby is finally a girl after having two sons. The whole world rejoices while the baby cries.

I am truly grateful that I have this picture of my birth. Though both my parents are gone, I am sure they loved me at this very moment. I am grateful to God for allowing me to come into this world. Even as I am still oblivious to my life's significance, I trust He has a purpose for me somehow. I just hope and pray that I have not yet strayed from His plan for me, my heavenly-ordained destiny. Happy Birthday to me!

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