My Hero, Ms. Janice Hung

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Happy National Heroes Day!

Today is National Heroes Day in the Philippines. But for me, my hero is Ms. @janicehung.


These 2 pictures are 13 months apart and 35+ lbs. difference. Many have noticed the lost weight. Some are even telling me that they are inspired by my transformation. But I feel I still have a long way to go. It is not only in terms of weight, but in terms of being grateful for my body and loving myself.

The reason I started to lose weight was when I was told that fat people lack gratitude. I was shocked. I thought I was the epitome of gratitude. Grateful for the food I eat, the people around me and for everything that happens in my life.

Then, upon deeper reflection, I realized that I lacked gratitude for my self and for my body. I kept saying I love myself but I would rather love others than myself because that is what I thought was the meaning of altruistic love. I still do to a certain extent, to be honest.

I would eat away every emotional upheaval that I go through then feel totally guilty. For every diet I tried, nothing worked because I always believed my body will anyway gain back the pounds I lose. I still experience this yo-yo effect until now because I keep forgetting gratitude. I keep forgetting to simply love myself and be grateful for my body that has been doing its best until now.

I started losing the weight when I started loving my self a little bit more and becoming grateful for my body. Weight loss is 70% diet and 30% exercise but 101% attitude after all. It is still a challenge to lose weight and to keep it off but I am succeeding little by little.

Ms. @janicehung has been my inspiration and the person who changed my life forever. She came at that point when I felt my life had become stagnant, even thinking I was worthless. She made me feel worthy and believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. She encouraged me to love myself at the right moment when I could not see myself lovable. She saw my beauty even when I felt that I was extremely ugly. She saw me when I felt invisible. I remember how she made me feel and I cannot thank her enough.

Until now, she continues to be my motivation to do better everyday. I feel honored to know her and to be her friend. Today, we honor our national heroes but I want to honor her as my personal hero. She is my heroine, meaning both my savior and addictive drug.

I am still stubborn and not exercising enough. But I am truly grateful to see how I've come so far. Thank you Bess Janice and all the people who have inspired me. I wish I can be an inspiration to others as well, somebody else's hero someday perhaps.

Heroes are just ordinary people who do extraordinary things. She is truly extraordinary and made me feel extraordinary as well. Let us all strive to become heroes in our own special way.

Happy Heroes Day!!!


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Hello @princesslilo, to expose your experience already makes you a hero, there is no greater hero than the one who evaluates his life and decides to be better in all aspects and to have a person who is your special motivation and you can see it, touch it, talk to it is a gift from God, that @janicehung, be your hero and see you with it in two different times, is a blessing, but the mother and inspiration should be yourself that you must keep improving for yourself so that you feel good and happy with yourself. Congratulations and blessings.

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I appreciate what you said @marinmex. Thank you so much!

Congratulations! Proud of you. Keep up the good work and would like to see more photos. Thank you.


Thank you! I will try to post about my weightloss with more pictures soon.

This is an amazing post!!
I have resteemed and will be sending a boost.
This needs a whale upvote!!
God bless you my dear friend @princesslilo!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x


I appreciate your comment Papa Bear @paradise-found. Thank you so much!

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