The stale customer service aganet

in life •  last year 

Have you spoken to a customer service agent that gives you false information and is clueless on important services of the company? i had one recently and it was somewhat hilarious.

My new PC exhausts my data bundle of 10 gigabytes in minutes. I had to inquire on a better plan the will give me more online time. I called the Airtel customer service agent to get information on the "unlimited plan" that was recommended to me by a friend. He told me correctly that this plan is no more available to customers. Then i asked for other options that will be good for me. This my agent guy started telling me about plans that do not exist..LOL


Thinking i have gotten reliable info, I proceeded to subscribe for the 8K plan as recommended by my dear customer service agent plan only to get a message that it doesn't exist. That was quite disappointing. I had to go online and browse some information from the company website to find a plan to subscribe to.

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