Last night with me...

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It was about 11:30pm. I had put off all lights, laid on my soft bed in retirement for the night when I heard a loud shout on my door.

"chair wife don born o"

chair (from chairman) is what we call a neighbor who has been in the estate for over 10 years. He is a banker and a very jovial person. He has a lovely son already and just welcomed another son to the world.

I was glad to hear of the successful delivery. I jumped off my bed, got some clothes to wear and went to his compound to do what we know how to do best in my estate - drink. My estate is a fun place and we always seek for reasons to celebrate and last night was a perfect one.

I didn't want alcohol in my system that late at night so I didn't drink. My night was full of laughter. That's what you get when you have crazy neighbors like mine. Jokes, mimicking, stories and all of the fun kept me there till about 2pm.

I left for the house and went to sleep. I woke up at about 9am, did some chores and went back to sleep. I've been so lazy today IMG_20170930_090735.jpg

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