I don't want my best dressed day to be in a casket

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I heard this line in Jidenna's song and I stopped to think about it. This is especially true if you have some extra cash but for some reason you work like your life is at stake.

In my personal life I find it though to stay out of work and do the fun thing. Go shopping, see movies, travel, site see and more. I feel like a lazy man after having some time it in a chitchat. "see how I'm wasting my time" I would say..

I think it's this way because I am self employed and work from home. There is always that voice within saying:

"you can still do more"

"time is money, you might have earned some extra $$ instead of gisting "

"you know you need more money"

So I'm in a rat race to earn more, work more and almost never doing anything outside money and work.

I know a lot of people are in this situation as me. Let us change and not miss the point. Like my mentor put it MONEY IS MEANT TO BE SPENT. Work, relax, have fun, sing, play spend some money, plan. Don't regret the enjoyable things you didn't do at your prime. Cheers

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This is great. I agree with you, life is too short for one not to make the best out of it. live your life, have fun, enjoy it and make the best out of it because there is only one life time. Thanks for sharing!


thank you Queen. I appreciate. you are super beautiful by the way


Awww. Thanks dear. Am blushing!

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