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It's very easy to find friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances who cloak their frivolous lifestyle and habits with the "you only live once" clitché. What they mean by that is "I only have one life to live, therefore I should enjoy it to the fullest". By enjoyment, they engage in lifestyle that cut their one life short.

These lifestyles include but not limited to:

  • Drug abuse
  • Indiscriminate sexual indulgence
  • wasting time in activities that are of no value

what you do with your life now will dictate how your life will become tomorrow

On the flip side there are the so called "enjoyable" and "good" things that also cut our lives short.

  • Eating to much
  • Eating junks and unhealthy food
  • working too much

As an adult we have the right to live life how we want it. As much as that's right, if we want to live a better and more fulfilling life, I think it's necessary to live a balanced life.

Balanced between the "good things and the "bad" things...

The first step to keeping the balance is having a clear picture of what you want out of life. Do you just want to come and drink or smoke away your life? Do you want to come and work all your life? I want to assume no one wants to be so one sided no matter how much you love any activity

One sidedness leads to away from progress

Now you can put in the other flavours and iceing to make life interesting. Let us look at it as a delicious meal. You cannot prepare a delicious rice by cooking just rice. You have to put in Salt and pepper and onion and all other ingredients to make it palatable. These ingredients have to be in a proportion that suits your taste. images.jpg

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