Something about Tree and its life...

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Hallo friend,
Todays life is so busy so we can not give more time to nature. But you know the tree do its deuty very well all the time. They also need ourself to take care them. If we care tree they help us very well to protect our earth and aur life. They help us to provide the pure air (oxygen) that we need to live.IMG_20180911_083506.jpg
If we compaire our past with preset in the past the amount of trees are more then present. In the past less disease compare to present. Beacuse in the past more trees then present.If we take care about trees they also take care about our future. They are our truly friends. They also help the other animals as well as humans. Some birds make home on the trees and they feel happy and live happy.
So I Hope friend you like my post
Thanks @prince3434

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