Top 5 Truther YouTube Channels With Under 1000 Subscribers #ScrewYouTube

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YouTube may have just put the final nail in their coffin

as a new policy just removed monetization from millions of channels. If you have under 1,000 subscribers and less than 4,000 hours of watch time in one year your channel has been demonetized removing all incentive to want to work hard at producing daily videos!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over his top 5 picks for informative truther channels that have been effected by this new policy with the hopes that they can get over the new 1,000 subscribers hurdle and also that they'll join and start posting to to earn a revenue that can actually sustain their work and effort that goes into producing quality video reports on a daily basis.

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utube is dead


you can thank Logan John for the latest rules they implemented him and his brother are literally killing you tube off.

This was such a great idea! Thanks, Daniel :)


I’m fallowing you now . Welcome to the fight . We’re going to change the world . ✌🏼♥️👊🏻

All of your youtube truther channels are awesome.
recently youtube changed their rules, I think it's not a good news for new youtuber.
Can you say anything about this?

  ·  last year (edited)

Dan you have got to add a Litecoin or DASH to your donation list. Bitcoin is way too expensive to send to you and ethereum is also costing more and more gas every week. Both these other alts can easily be converted to BTC if you wish, and are sub $1 to transfer.


will do!

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I lost 81k and 25k channels. If not that I would probably have around 200k subscribers because I was gaining 3~4k new subs a day....
According to youtube for example reading FBI official crime data in US and showing charts is "hate speech". Just like making fun of STREET LIGHTS.... Oh and having dirty face = dangerous...
I was making sarcastic, educational videos with insult comedy on top in a "rant" form.... Looks like being "creative", inspiring and education people is hate speech....
Meanwhile you can show a corpse of a guy and end up in trending tab. And don't you dare to criticize that because it is "hate speech"...

Youtube doing that is a terrible idea but what can i say, its good for, right?

  ·  last year (edited)

all of the truther youtube channels are really amazing i like this channels i like all of your conversions great post thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed


I just made a video about this subject...I mean I just mentioned about going over to dtube because I think in order to Monitize your videos, you gotta have like over 1000 subscribers and heavy VIEWS to get money for your content you invested on....

This is awesome, i love this good job.

It's easier to control the herd if they starve out the little players that aren't so tightly stuck under their thumb. Sad state of affairs to see, but not a surprising move in the least considering it's the big G running yootoob.

It think this will just discourage youtubers who are still just starting out. They will not want to put as much effort into building up a youtube channel.
So poorer quality content and less consistent output. I can't see how this would be good for youtube. Maybe it is part of a bigger plan.
Hopefully they go to decentrailzed content platforms.

Youtube has turned into an extremely pathetic platform. Very sad what they are doing.

Thanks for sharing these resources with us, Dan. Before this video, I knew of none of them; I really appreciate you introducing us to these channels. I would love to have them over here on Steemit!

What YouTube is ignoring is that all the smaller entities are actually small businesses. Small businesses can eventually become big businesses. If they cut off the lifeblood of small businesses, they cut any hope for future growth in YouTube. I think this is fabulous opportunity presented to DTube. They are being giving a gift of demand for their new service and it has a chance to pick up all the growth that Youtube doesn't see as important.

See they should have been over here the whole time over here on decentralized dtube YouTube can kiss my keister I'm still going to watch stuff until enough of us get going on dtube that we have a strong going and a lot of following in a lot of voting so I'm going to go ahead and vote me if you agree. We the People

DTube FTW!

Seriously can't believe this... but it is google so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They want to concentrate wealth/information as much as they can...

That policy sucks :/
Thanks for the info @pressfortruth

interesting. YouTube cuts its own bundle. DTube rises like a sun from where it stopped

A great musician on youtube has also fallen foul of this fascist policy. He has found steemit, thank goodness but all his hopes, effort and finances went into his youtube channel. HOW DARE THEY DO THIS.

Wow this is a great post @pressfortruth


Great post..👌

Thanks @pressfortruth

It was a bad move by YouTube especially when platforms like dtube are popping up. I've got 1k+ subs but because of the hours of views, all my hard earned $ of 2 years is gone. I'm not devastated though because this gives another sign for us creators to move on to dtube.

Yep, mine got removed from my youtube channel. I have been there for many many years and appreciciated the TINY amount of money they gave me. But now they took it all away, and now I can't remove my revenue because it's under $100. They did some sort of Bitconnect bullshit on me.

It will leads to devalued and they will realized very soon. Any thanks for this I follow you

Thank you for this. I've been wanting to find more truther channels. This really helps. Upvoted and resteemed.

Lol even their CEO has a channel with two videos and stopped uploading videos after two massive failures.

there is nothing in youtube now

You have a constructive idea here but sadly I think youtube will soon degenerate into shallow click-bait channels as there will be no other way in to get the required audience.

The ones you mention are not that relevant to people outside Canada, but I would be interested in hearing more about the Marxist infiltration of school system from Bryton Cherrier (your number 4) as this I see to be the main source of social discord and malaise today: The grievance politics from the loony left!

This harsh measure might actually end up helping small and young content creators. By making youtube way less appealing for them, platforms as steemit and dTube, that reward good content since the first moment, will become the go to place to start and develop new channels.

That is very unfair.

This is a result of the Logan Paul incident. YouTube ALWAYS punishes the little guys for what the big guys do. If YouTube keeps this up people will ditch YouTube for a better site. There was Vid.Me but they got shut down

Bit Canadian heavy (understandably) but I love the idea of established truthers sharing some of their sources. It wasn't long ago finding even one legit truther was an almost impossible task.

Are we still "allowed" to glance at scraps of paper while we're driving? :p
Thanks for the video Dan! I'm at 8000 subs on YT after doing original regular Liberty-related videos for 10 years. It's a popular topic but the algorithms don't like me. Heavy censorship for the past 6 or 7 years. I remember the Wild West of YouTube in 2006-9. My videos actually got views back then.

Thanks for letting us know what is happening with this channel. It really was an excellent platform for new talents and creators. They will have to find new channels to promote themselves. Some die others are born. that's all

Is Dtube the new Youtube?!

#ScrewYouTube RIP small channels

Why didn't ya upload this video on [yet?] and link that one on this Steemit article here Dan? Just curious, not trying to call you out or anything lol..

Blockchain free the press .... YouTube and the censorship and favoritism. Very unfair platform

That is so flipping unfortunate. The small guy can never get ahead..

Please tell those poor folks to come here for we are the NEW FREEDOM REVOLUTION and YouTube should DIE like MySpace did . STEEMIT❗️I think I might have finally gotten SouthFront to come here . That is a very good channel for war reporting with a very technical analysis and detailed maps . We should all encourage more people to come over here , now we just need a replacement for FaceBook & Twitter and we’ll be good . Thanks for another good video . 👏👍✌🏼♥️👊🏻