Who's fighting what?

in life •  14 days ago

Who can blame who? What am I doing, what am I doing? If there is an eye in our eyes, here is a great clarity.

He was tried, questioned, ruled by lives. However, our final decision maker is very close to us and knows and knows our heart. We're not even aware of that. The only power is our wild identities and abstract assumptions that we think we have.

We will never question ourselves as we examine the beautiful point and the madness.

It's not what we have, but what's important to us is who the foundation is.

Stop and run the reins and run gallop.

A gang that loses awareness and sense of belonging and flexibility.

Whichever group we go, who are we and what is our expectation?

Didn't I hurt you?

Then the exit point is exactly at the tip of our nose: Feel in real time; think about ourselves. It will come back like socks.

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