Appreciation Of The Simpler Things

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I never allow myself to be consumed into any fad, craze or trend. Appreciation for life and your surroundings can be more precious and endeering than any piece of gear, tech or upgrade! Sure, you have to have some gear in order to sustain a level of comfort and security. Do we need to keep seeking out MORE? I don't think so. Functionality is key. As a prepper, I like to get out in different conditions and take in the world in order to 'live'.

On the face of it, life is simple. Cut out all the rush, hype and speed of modern day media and where are we?
I took these photos with a bit of patience, silence and thought. They literally took 30 minutes of my time, but the effects of stopping and understanding what was happening on the ground definately puts things into perspective.
Black and White Flora.jpg

My Point

We are a mere fraction of the timescale and chain of life. The plants and trees, although now Winter, go through their cycles again and again. Don't let life pass you by. Ensure your protection and future, but also take time out to live and enjoy life.


Strange how things stand out when we look at colours selectively.
Hope you enjoyed the photos.


howdy sir preppervetuk! Are you presently traveling in your van? You have to be on expert in efficiency and gear in order to do that I would think. And the photos are very striking!

Not currently in the van, but intend to do a pre-Christmas trip.
I am very well versed in efficiency and gear, so that's not a problem.

Yes sir preppervetuk after I commented then I saw that you were still working on the van. Well its a fascinating project and blog and your information is so important!

I really like that "selecting of color" in the photos. I have never seen that before. It really shows off that nature is also art in itself. I really really like that!!!!!! Like alot!! Magical. Yes, we can't forget to live. Here and now.

Thanks, i'll be sure to post some more selective photos.... Yeah, it definately puts a different perspective on things and makes some objects stand out.

I think that's really cool. I wonder if my software (Power Director) for my videos will do something similar. That would be a fun and different project to do. Pretty atsy fartsy (LMAO). Seriously I can see alot of creative potential.

I didn't really do anything to the photo's. The colour selection function is a feature within my camera settings.
(Sony A5100).
Opens up a whole new scope for things...