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RE: Homesteads Aren't Fueled by Rainbows and Unicorn Farts

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I enjoyed learning about homesteading and its benefits in your post. I especially like what you said here, "We prepare for winter and weather events and anything unforeseen that comes our way. That is basic preparedness and it's not crazy, it's responsible."

I am a prepper and not a homesteader. I can only imagine how much work goes into fulfilling daily chores and projects. In my opinion, homesteaders have a much better chance of surviving a major event. Thanks for sharing and the title is hilarious.


Thanks for the comment. I don't understand the mindset that thinks it's crazy to prep.

You are very welcome sir. I address that stigma in one of my recent posts. It's not my intention to appear to be a spammer right now, rather just providing a link for you to check out to see if it makes sense:

If you want this to be taken off, reply to this and I will edit it out. Thanks in advance if you decide to read it.

It's cool. I'll check it out.