Life changed by Steemit

in life •  11 months ago

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The above pic makes so much sense atleast for me.
There were times, when i frequently check my fon to check my facebook notifications, and now, it has been completetly replaced by the crypto world.

Since once wakes up until one sleeps, and also incase one wakes up at the middle of the night, he cares more about the rise and fall of the coins price rather than anything else .

No matter, how much I have been engaged in all these, I enjoy trading , mining and steeming in steemit.

It's been like a gambling for me, I can't get rid of it
and I dont want to either.

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Lol,i swear i was thinking about this right now,its so true😭


haha, really?
u deserve un upvote for that lol

also, i m following u, do follow me back, and kindly go through my earlier posts

yeah, steemit is much more addictive

Its an addictive,
as well as fun

also, we get to know people and much more

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At least true for me !


yes bro, just grab ur laptop and 5 hours seems to have passed in 5 mins

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It's already being addictive. Lol! It has successfully driven our attention away from facebook. Continue steeming on bro


yeah bro
its more worth than facebook
follow me bro, i am following you back too

I'm more excited about what will happen in 5 years than what is happening now. I can't wait!


yeah, its really unpredictable the way we are going ahead with the crypto,
its diffcult to come out with a conclusion

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That is a cool meme bro haha