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Nigerian parents are usually strict,funny,caring, loving and sometimes annoying. Growing up in a typical Nigeria home comes with lots of exciting experiences as well as headaches. The typical #Nigerian parents believes it is necessary to discipline children so they can become responsible individuals in the nearest future.i can vividly remember my childhood days when I received hard knocks on my head and series of slaps for misbehaving. The typical Nigerian parents have various forms of punishment used in putting a child on the right path. A typical Nigerian Child knows how to coordinate himself with just an eye contact with the parents. They know their parents have zero tolerance for any form of rudeness,laziness, carelessness,not greeting an elder,eating in your neighbour's house and lot's more,hence failure to adhere to their rules will attract a good punishment to bring you back to your default settings. While observing this punishments,you are not allowed to make a sound or cry no matter how painful the punishment is.Apart from being disciplinarians,they can be so dramatic, my Dad once told me to stop posting pictures on Facebook that it's makes me look cheap and desperate, funny right? Nigerian parents can also be sarcastic,you can ask a simple question like "Mom where is the bag?"And she replies "it is on my head" lol,they are just too funny.The typical Nigerian parents are known for raising respectful,diligent, patient and responsible individuals. I am grateful to my parents for their great teachings and sacrifice.
I love my parents.
I love Nigeria.
I love Africa.
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Sooooo true.

Thanks for reading

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