Tips For Making Honey Bee Farm In The Yard

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Hello steemian comeback with me @practicemagic.Today i will share about tips beekeeping honey.Last chek it out

 Honey is a natural remedy, in addition to honey taste that attracted many of the children to the elderly.
Honey is composed of some content, such as water, carbohydrates, vitamins such as vitamin B and C, natural minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium.
  Society often use honey to treat coughs, allergies, diarrhea, and even asthma. Not only that, some people also often use honey to treat various skin problems such as acne, relieve itching, and heal wounds.
The following tips and straightforward step to start raising honey bees

The tools used are
Saws (saws split or chop saw),Fork bees,Knives bees,Hammer / hammer,Scissors zinc,Smoke (smoker), and Mask (security chief).

The material to be used is

Boards, used oil cans or logs, nail size of 2.5 cm,Twine or plastic,Wire netting, and Bee colonies.

Make a bee house (the first stage)

There are several kinds of bee house. You can start from beekeeping using a simple bee house, then use a better form

Collecting bee worker, bee queen & bee drones
We can obtain bees in the forest with his catch .It should be underlined in this respect we should have a complete preparation to avoid things we do not want it

Developments Bees

Once you know the bee family, let us learn how the bee family develops. Bee family development begins with the queen bee to lay eggs after mating process. Three days later, the eggs hatch into larvae in the cell (honeycomb). The larvae for 2 days got food such as pollen. Six days later the cells are closed so that the larvae undergo a process of incubation for 12 days.


At the end of this period the larvae that have been transformed into young bees began biting cell lid to get out and start working. Laying (days 1-3), larvae (day 4-9), larvae hatch and the larvae eat pollen, nectar, and royal jelly.

Pupa (days 10-20), nest covered with wax kepongpong larva to turn into a pupa. Adult bees (day 21), adult bees to the outside, cleaning the nest Day 24-25, larvae Eating old. Takes 27-32 days to young larvae development Bees Build 33-38 days to nest and store food for 39-42 days.

Harvest honey bee

honey bee nest. At the time of harvest spray of smoke into the house bees. Honey inside the beehive can be issued by way of floated squeezed or twisted around. Extortion is a quick way. However, this will damage the honeycomb containing honey.

A good time to harvest honey is one month after the flowering plants are a source of food for bees. Generally in Indonesia harvest can be done from October to December or in May and June.

You can harvest honey by taking the honey bee nest on the edge of the bee house. How that is done is open a little edge bee house then gouged blades that have made nests that already contain bee honey with a knife.



Thus today hopefully to inspire you all Stay tuned @practicemagic

Source: Books (Honey Bee Breeding: Ir. Muhaswad Dwiyanto, DPH)
Image : original


Wonderful! I hope to start beekeeping soon too.

Nice post :)

oh really keep me posted its development

We have a lot on this year, we may not be able to devote time to it, but I'll certainly post it here if we do :)

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