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Did you hear the flappers washing the car?
I heard it is not good for your paint.
I mean it will take some out eventually.
The weather is hoarse.
It is very scattered.

It was the same way Monday and Tuesday.
One thing I know for sure I am heading back there tomorrow for a free car wash due to the rain.
Side doors look dirty again.
My $8 ain't going to waste for sure.
Yes you get free vacuum and you do not have to pay for the wash.
Just pay it forward.
Most people wash their car there, just for the free vacuum.
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It saves you money . that's a good thing💲

Boosting DTube posts will actually lose you money. DTube takes 25% of your post earnings, so you're basically handing DTube extra money. It's good that you got a DTube upvote, but it's only because of that vote that this post will see you in profit.


Apparently I saw that the other day.
Man ! business is all about pay it forward


Business is all about making sure you get a return on your investment. I wouldn't bother with buying votes personally. Not unless you're certain that you're making profit every time.

the method is true sear?

I'm supposed to wash my car personally every Sunday. I have a year that I do not.

At least the car gets some water :)

Your post was informative..... Kudos to you

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Upvoted me...


Why do I have to upvote you ?
It is a no.. no.. to ask for upvote.