The GREATEST End-Times SIGN - Revelation 12 | September 23, 2017 ... HERE IS WHY!!

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Something Epic This Way Comes | Stunning Scriptures Related to September 23, 2017 REVEALED!


The Alignment of the Sept 23, 2017 Sign in the Heavens of Revelation 12
Fulfills Revelation 12 PRECISELY.
Stellarium does show the entire constellation which would include all the elements of the sign is only above the horizon in Jerusalem between 11am-4pm.
It is a one time event and will never occur again.
It did not occur at Christ's birth-the alignment does not match.
It is 70 years from 1947 to the rebirth of Israel.
It is the 50th anniversary or year of Jubilee for Jerusalem
It is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
It is the 70th anniversary of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
It is the 120th jubilee from Adam.
It is the 70th jubilee since Canaan.
It is the 40th jubilee since Christ's death.
It lands on the exact same day as Feast of Trumpets - EXACTLY.
It is the 70th Jubilee since Exodus (1483 B.C).
It marks year 5777 on the Jewish calendar.
The biblical numeric meaning of 5777 is "grace (5) perfect made complete (777)"
Jupiter is in the Woman's womb the time of a human pregnancy or gestation period.
The woman represents Israel, the male child CHRIST AND THE CHURCH, the Body of Christ! The Head having been born first, with the body to follow at the Rapture.
The child born is "seized by force" to the throne of God.
The word for "caught up" is the same greek word for rapture (Harpazo, to seize by force).
The Rapture must occur before the 7 year Tribulation period.
It marks the start of the tribulation.
The International Day of Peace "just happens" to be September 21, 2017.
The Theme "just happens" to be peace and safety.
When they say peace and safety destruction suddenly comes.!

Thessalonians 5:3-7King James Version (KJV)
3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.
5 Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.
6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.
7 For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night
peace safety.JPG

✔ 100% Verification 6,200 years into the past and 1,200 years into the future
Research from Mark Chiswell:

“I have completed an analysis of the 23 September 2017 Heavenly Sign. I checked seven thousand years and found no comparable event. I checked 6,200 years into the past and 1,200 years into the future which is equivalent to Man's entire History.

I began the search by looking at every year from the birth of Christ to 78 AD. I then realized that I only had to check every 12 years in accordance with Jupiter's orbital period. I checked from 78 AD to 3215 AD after which I realized that Jupiter is only in the womb of Virgo for 294 days every 83 years. I then checked from the Birth of Christ to 4248 BC every 83 years checking 12 years either side just in case.

Mans time is 120 yrs. (Jubilees) Genesis 6:3

The Rabbi’s have taught there will be a total of 120 Jubilee cycles (6000 years) from the time God created the earth until the beginning of the Messianic Kingdom.


Israel is turning 70 (fig tree generation) Matt 23:34
Jerusalem is 50 (Jubilee) 1967-2017
70 + 50 Equals - 120 Comet Borisov (Conception) flew directly into Virgo’s womb with Jupiter(Revelation 12 Sign) November 24,2016. The Hebrew Gematria for the word “Conception” is 271. 11-24-2016 to the date of the Eclipse 8-21-2017 =271. Also, the UN made a decision agaist Israel 12.23.2016, and that date to the sighting of the new moon, Feast of Trumpets 9.20.2017 is 271. 3 days before the Revelation 12 sign appears. 8.21.2017 = (21) and 9.21.2017 = (22) Feast of Trumpets duration of 2 days is 9.(21-22)-2017


I think that I may have found a very significant and prophetic link..
Most of you probably know about the second eclipse that takes place 7 years from now that goes right over the one that just took place on the 21st but I believe that there's more significance to these two eclipses than we originally thought. Other than the fact that they're the exact amount of years apart as the Tribilation.
Here are the significances to these eclipses:
The one that took place on the 21st went right over 7 (yes. I said 7) different cities named Salem (named after Jeruselam) and also hit a street called Salam as well. But the one thing that I found the most intriguing is the fact that at the exact same moment (not even a second later) that Salam Orgeon went dark from the totality of the eclipse was the exact same moment (again. Not even a second later. The exact MOMENT) that Jeruselem went dark. When I saw that, my jaw instantly dropped...
But my jaw dropped even harder when I saw this next one:
When the next total eclipse that takes place in 7 years it crosses right over the totallity line of the one that took place on the 21st. The city that is right dead in the middle of where they cross is called "Little Egypt". Mind you they're 7 years apart..
Anyone remember what happened in Egypt? The 10 plagues. What happens at the end of the Tribulation? The last 7 PLAGUES!!! It's no coincidence that Little Egypt is smack dab in the middle of both totality line but the fact that Egypt had plagues, deadly plagues, and the 7 angels pour out the bowls which holds the 7 last plagues which are supposed to be the most deadly in history and this happens in 7 years (the second totality) right at the exact time (give or take a few days/weeks) that the last 7 plagues should happen it the rapture and tribulation was to take place this year. It's awfully convenient that the Revelation 12 Sign, which is the story of the Rapture, and an astronomical sign that has never taken place before and never will again, just so happens to coincide with both eclipses. Everything just continues to add up adding even more strength to it that it's extremely hard not to say that the rapture will occure on this years Feast of Trumpets

Bride will be Raptured during a Feast of Trumpets "Rosh Hashanah" by Mark Biltz

Take Note, Donald John "TRUMP" was 777 Precisely on Inauguration Day 2017!!! Yes, 7 Decades, 7 Months, 7 Days old!!! "TRUMP" is mentioned in the Rapture verses at bottom. "Trump-Pence" sounds like "Trumpets"! Don't Laugh! "METHUSELAH" the oldest man ever, 969 years, his name is code for and means "Death will usher in The Great Flood". Methuselah died one week before the Flood and Noah and his family buried him. On the exact day Donald John Trump was elected, Bibi Netanyahu was in office as Prime Minister 7 Years, 7 Months, and 7 Days!!! (Y) :D O:)

Jesus Christ is Coming! If you are Not Saved? Do So Now!

WARNING.........REPENT........NOW!..........TIME IS UP!

(Isaiah 55:6) - Seek God While He Man Be Found!! - **Time Is Now!
(1 John 1:9) - ** Jesus Died For Your Sins! - All Sin Forgiven! Just Ask?

(Romans 10:9) Repent ,Confess, Believe - This is How You're Saved!

"Dear Lord Jesus,

I am a sinner, and I am Guilty of Sin. I ask for your forgiveness. I believe that you died for my sins on the Cross, was buried, and rose from the dead On the 3rd Day. I will trust and follow you JESUS as my Lord and Savior. Please come in my Heart, Direct My Path and my Life, and Give the Gift of the Holy Spirit, to have Power over the Devil and Demon Spirits. Help me to Live Holy and do your will.. In Jesus name I Pray, Amen.

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The video that you posted with Mark Biltz has got to be one of the best that I have ever seen!


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