#HHG9: Unconditional Love

in #life5 years ago (edited)


Day after day
Month turns month
Year after year
Time passes
But love still has to endure
In happy
In sadness
In sorrow
Do not care about anything
cheer up when together
support in all respects
syncing when there is a problem
Hold in togetherness
And here he is
People I love deeply
He who loves me for what it is
He who accepted all my shortcomings
I love him
He who helped me under any circumstances
The love he gives is so beautiful, so deep
I am very afraid of losing him
I hope we will be together till the end
and happy forever



Hi @poocut, Greetings from #HHG9! This poetry is very romantic. I can feel your love both, and for this very romantic and loving poetry, here's an upvote from me. Stay Blessed and Steem On!

thank you for the upvote and comments.
I feel blessed to have a partner like you @ainie.kashif

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