@polebird:🎉 Celebrating the ladies of the Steemit community! Happy International Women's Day! 🎉 — Steemit

@polebird:🎉 Celebrating the ladies of the Steemit community! Happy International Women's Day! 🎉

in life •  9 months ago

I’m proud every day to be a woman and for all we have achieved! But, today I want to take some time to shout out to all the amazing women in the world! Because it’s ….

International Women’s Day!


March 8 is International Women’s Day which is a day celebrating the achievements of women all over the world. It is also a day to reflect back on the progress of women in a variety of aspects – social, political, cultural, and more and strive towards more progress so women can be who they want to be. The official color is purple – chosen to represent justice and dignity (source).


IMG_4425 2.JPG

“I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.” – Maya Angelou


So many women have touched my life – from my girlfriends, to my lovely pole sisters, to the incredible ladies of Steemit! You women are strong, kind, achievers that truly inspire me to push myself to achieve more and be a better version of myself every day! I support you guys to be who you want to be and to pursue your dreams! @kaylinart @paolajane @vermillionfox @nikv @thedreamsteem @karensuestudios @ramengirl @gringalicious @sjennon @joalvaerz @lifemovedbysteem @lostinhappiness @suerisue @vintageverve @cryptopolechix @ilanaakoundi @crissimoes @sweetcarol @shivvi @amazona06 @sandrastarud @cryptopolechix @enternamehere @cabernet @eveuncovered @best-trip-eva @dayleeo ---- and all the other amazing ladies of steemit I might have missed!


Special thanks to my sister @karensuestudios and my mom for being awesome. You guys are the reason I am the woman I am today! @karensuestudios you have always been quite the lady – so FUNNY and easy going. I love that you are always shooting for the stars and going for your dreams. You truly inspire me with your pursuit of a passionate life. Life wouldn’t be the same without you. Keep living a vibrant life with a full and genuine heart!


I hope the rest of the Steemit community will take a bit of time to celebrate the ladies in your lives and all that they have accomplished. I also hope that you will continue to SUPPORT and EMPOWER the women in your lives to help them achieve their goals! Support is so important to the movement towards progress for women. <3



P.S. I realize today is March 7th Texas time, but I wanted to post this because it is March 8th in some parts of the world! :D

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Amazing post! With the lines, I’m sure you’ve inspired many people! Cheers to all the ladies! 🥂


Aww thank you! So glad to hear that and cheers! :)

Have an Wonderful International Women's Day @polebird and to all the Super Women here on this post.


Maybe one day you will join me on my trip to Nigeria or Zimbabwe to Empower Women (and Men as well)... with my #IAmCatalyst movement.

Blessings to you.

Mel @coachmelleow


Awww I love that! Here’s to superwomen around the world! :)

YEA!!! Happy I had a sister to celebrate this day with! WOW! Go women! :)


Hehehe yayyy! ❤️😁


You girls are so lucky to have each other. You ladies Rock.
Happy Celebration Day. Yay!

Happy early International Women’s Day! 🎉 💜


Thank you so much! And thanks for being such an inspiration 🙏

Happy international womens day dear.
Hope u will succeed more in the future.


Thank you! :)

happy international women's day to all the women's.
be happy and enjoy all your day.


Heheh thank you! Definitely so :)


your most welcome sis.

Happy International Women’s Day you beautiful, talented lady! Sending you love <3


AWww ❤️❤️❤️ Go ladies!


Thank you Ren! ❤️❤️❤️

Looks beautiful



Happy international women's and evryday! Always the best 👑🙏


Thank you! :)



Women are Precious and the most kind hearted creatures world over. I especially love my mom and 2 sisters.


Aww that’s very sweet! :)

Wow! I really love your photos, it's so inspiring to see all the effort you put into your post! I'm still new to Steemit & Dtube, hopefully I'll be as good as you one day 🙂


Thank you! Glad you liked it :) 🙏 welcome!!!

Congratulations woman's day @polebird .
please support me @polebird i need your big votes thank you..

Thank you, and happy day for you too!! Let’s go girls of the world!! ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you lovely lady! Girl power! :) 💃❤️

Happy Women's day @polebird! What a nice feeling to wake up to such a nice post and feeling love coming from the other side of the Globe! You are a true inspiration and a bundle of pure joy and happiness! Never change and keep on making the world happier, you are so good at it! :)
Sending all my love from Italy! :)
Enjoy today!


Hehe thank you my friend!! ❤️❤️❤️ You keep being your amazing inspiring self! :)

How super sweet! I've been working on a post featuring some rad ladies here and you've totally inspired me to finally finish it!

Pretty good timing, it must be meant to be!

Sending hugs to you my dear, I so appreciate you! <3


Yay! Can’t wait to see it and I’m glad to have inspired you! :) enjoy your women’s day! :) hugs 🤗

This post is making me to feel kind of jealous because I am not a woman. Haha. (Just kidding).

The list of people mentioned is incomplete without @polebird.

The role of women in men's life can not be overemphasized. You guys rock.

BTW, which day is Men's day? 😀😁


Heheh that cracked me up! thank you my friend! :) I looked it up for you August 31st is men’s day.... lol I had no idea, guess you will be looking forward to it in about 5 months 😁


Wow. I didn't know there was men's day.


Same to you :)


Haha that gif. Wonder Woman got tired!

Happy Woman's day :)
Steem On girls.png

happy day !!


Thank you!

Happy International Woman's Day pretty lady.
I love your celebration and I am flattered to see my name on your list. It really means a lot from a strong, confident and beautiful woman like yourself.


Thank you! You are an amazing lady yourself ;) thanks for always brightening my day!

Happy women's international day!!! (It's already women's day now :P) :D keep being awesome and showing the world why women are great


Hehe thanks my friend!! :) you are too sweet! 🤗

Women are the angels that make our life a wonderful experience. Belated Happy Women's Day @polebird!
I've also commented on your previous post, but didn't get my reply, lol .
Have a super day ahead!


oh my that is too sweet! haha thank you :) sorry about that! I try to keep up but sometimes just get so busy :D

Cheers to all Ladies.. Gorgeous <3


thank you!

Oh, what a lovely post! Happy international women's day to you too (even though it's 2 days late, hehe...) 💗.

What I really like about you, and not only this post, is that you are doing exactly what Steemit is all about; supporting and inspiring each other. I'm so happy that I stumbled across you on Steemit because you truly are an amazing inspiration in so many areas. Hopefully, when me and @williamwest are visiting the US in the future we can meet up 😃

In the mean time, keep rocking that pole 😉 HUGS ❤️


awww thank you so much my lovely friend! :D when are you guys visiting?? that would be poletentially really fun! :)hahahah


Hopefully soon! Both me and William really wants to visit the US, it’s just a question about the right time 👏🏻 How about you? Any plans on visiting Sweden? 😍

Awesome post from one of the most kickass women on Steemit! You're exactly the kind of woman that a new platform like this needs!


aww thank you so much for all your constant support! :D