Vacation time!

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Snekky, where art thou???

Well, my dear friends, I have been hiding in my vacation cabin from you all!
Enjoying the fresh air and silence from the world around us!
This is going to be a short post because... Well, I am on vacation!
Right now, I am sitting in my nice wooden cabin, typing and listening to the birds around me!
It's nice to be offline every now and then! This time it's for a week but I could not stay away 8 whole days from you all! ((Cough cough))

Here are some pictures from the surrrrroundings I find myself starrrring at all day!


This is a 3 minute walk from my cabin!

My cabin is still in the forest but like I said in 3 minutes I walk onto the Heathlands! They are not pretty yet because they bloom in August but I still find it amazing to walk there!


This is a shot taken at the Leersumse Velden!

This is the spot where they all gather in Winter to ice skate! It's one of the first spots in the Netherlands to freeze up! Sadly, we did not have a real cold Winter for years!


Food, we need food!

This is the restaurant we picked up our food! Because of the lack of water, we are not allowed to BBQ! Now, that broke my heart BUT, we knew that there is a restaurant seriously next to the park we are on, we puts everything on the BBQ! So, we still had our BBQ party! LOL


Behold the magical meal from the BBQ restaurant!

Trust me, I could not walk after because it was way too much and it was delishhhhhh!


A cold dip into the river.

This is a little fishing spot in a near by town called Elst!
We sat that for an hour watching the beauty and the people who cought some fishies from 1 cm to mega monsters!

Time for me to vacation a tad more!
I shall be back to annnnoyssss you allsssss very sssooonnsss!

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