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I feel like the world is on fire!

I just got back from a nice and peaceful vacation in the forest of the Netherlands, The Utrechtse Heavelrug. It's a nice piece of green in the middle of the country, not massive but big enough to feel like you are in a different country. I wanted to forget the world around me because my levels where way too high for weeks. The whole covid thing got to me, like it did with many others and slowly I started to get obsessed with it. I needed the break and it did help BUT...

I still feel the world is on fire. The first thing I heard when I got back was that the world was now protesting for something really bad that had happened in the states. First thing in the news here was thousands of people protesting in Amsterdam, not enough space between them... I can understand that they want to spread the world but I also see the bad side of that in a time like this. It could trigger a new covid outbreak. There is so much pain in the world, so many bad things happening and it saddens me but to put others in danger just to let others hear your voice? I dunno.... I might be wrong here but yeah, I have a lot of people in my suroundings who are in the danger zone, including me. I am super careful when I go outside.

I step back when I come across someone, I give them space and I don't go into the store or shops at all. The restaurants and bars are open again but I won't go near them for weeks or even months yet. I am not scared to be infected but I dont want to infect others. It baffles me that even when I step back, I keep my distance, some people just give you a big missle finger and creep up close to you. On a path I stepped back to the side to let 4 elderly females pass with enough space between us. But instead of them to do the same, right before me they stepped into my space and passed me like nothing was wrong. Same happened with two dudes on a different road.... I give space, and yet..... It just baffles me.

I don't go outside a lot, even on vacation, I spend most my time at the cabin and when going into the woods you hardly come across others. I only go outside later in the evenings because its way more quiet at those times. Anyways, I feel like the world is on fire. My vacation calmed me down, I got the rest my mind needed so I do feel lots better but that sad feeling is still there.

BTW, I never worked so hard on vacation!!!! ((laughs)) When I got there I cleaned the whole place with special stuff... Fucking hell, I thought those cabins were small but not when you clean them!
Anywho.... The snek is back!!!!

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