Serious question for vegans!

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Serious question for vegans!

Nope, I am not going to burn you down because you don't eat meat! So please keep reading and help me find the answer to a question that's been on my mind for a very long time.


I am not vegan and to be honest, I don't think I will ever become one BUT... Yupp, there is a but...
I always ate huge piles of meat and I changed that the last year. I add days with no meat at all and on the days that we do eat meat, I use less meat. Not perfect but my way of trying to do a little better.
Sometimes I take the time to see how much work it is to be 100% vegan. So, I take my hat off to those who manage to live that way.

I also love the fact that you can buy more and more vegan items in the shop these days. I bought vegan Kwark the other day (Sorry I really don't know the english name lol ) and was curious to taste it. It was yummie and not at all what I expected it to be. Instead of animal thingies like milk they used cocos thingies and to be 100% honest, Imma but it again. But that is not what my question is about. I don't want to become Vegan but I want to learn more about it.


Finally, the question!

Can someone please explain the following to me. And please don't shoot me because I am seriously curious for the answers.
So, you don't eat meat, than why do most products to replace meat look like meat?
More and more items in the shops here look like meat but are no meat. You can now buy a whole range of BBQ vegan meat... So, what I would like to know is why does it have to look like meat?
In my mind this causes electric shocks. I kid you not!
Because if you dont wanna eat sausages then my buy something that looks like a sausage?
Is this to trick your mind? Is this so you don't feel left out on a BBQ? My question might sound funny but I don't mean it that way.
Someone made me vegan soup a few weeks back! It tasted amazing, the soup that is. The meatballs inside who tricked my mind, tasted like well not meat while I was expecting meat... So, the moment I chewed on it alarm bells went off in my head.
If you don't want to add meat then why add something that looks like meat?
I can't wrap my head around it! ((Lol, you might think I am an idiot by now))


This is how my mind works, kinda.
I want to bbq but I don't want to use meat.
I make veggie sticks like on the picture and throw them on.
I make a salad etc but I won't use meat or replace the meat.
I don't mind roasting a carrot or hell even a tree.
But now I see all these comercials with vegan bbq meat!
It does not work in my head.

Why do you replace your meat with something that looks like meat but you don't wanna eat meat?
Someone please help me out before I go nutsssss!

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Good question ...and it's natural when you see so many mock meat products these days.

Let me tell you why.

But before that, I want to tell you some background. For me and my tribe, many of our past generations have not consumed meat for thousands of years. And our upbringing is that way that we are put off with anything that looks like meat, even if it is not (to an extent that some of us are even repulsive to jackfruit or watermelon). So obviously, these meat substitutes don't work in our local market and it's kind of Western thing for us.

Now to give you the answer to your question, it is very natural understanding to us that meat is not at all necessary for our optimum health. But most of the world's population is heavy meat eater. I hear that people in USA or Europe eat meat almost daily in their diet. So these people can't even imagine their diet without meat. They are hardwired (for the sake of saying) in their mind to perceive anything resembling to meat as their natural food. Even if some people after some research come to the conclusion that meat is not necessary to be included in their food, it's difficult for them to give it up totally due to an "addiction" to its taste. This is due to their upbringing and inculcated tastes & habits.

So, essentially, all these mock meat products and meat replacements are for transitioning vegans. Once people get transitioned to a regular vegan diet, they no longer need to consume such products. In fact, most of these artificial, soya-based or over-processed commercial mock meat products ain't any healthy and shouldn't be included in your regular diet.

In an effort to make "vegan meat", to give a vegan alternative to regular meat products, people keep experimenting with different recipes. So imho, that meat ball look-alike, which didn't tasted as actual meat-ball, was a failed experiment. It was probably attempted to taste like meat but perhaps failed in its objective.

Mock meat products and plant-based meat substitutes are for transitioning vegans and not for life long vegans.

Hope this answered your curiosity!

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