I have no time for ANGER and here is the reason why!

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I have no time for anger! 

Why would I waste my time on something so consuming as the feeling of anger when I have so many other things to focus on? Thats right I don't do anger! And yes, I can hear you think.... But we all feel anger at times. TRUE, I also feel anger but I made a choice long ago to not spend my time holding on to that emotion. 

This does not mean I won't accept my anger or the anger of others. I believe in talking things out and I will go through fire to do so. There is a difference between holding on to anger and not talking about it. When I get hurt, the first thing I want to do is react by raising my voice and scream out my emotion. In the past that is what I did.... Action... reaction. Now, the first thing I do is ask myself a question. 

Why did this person or thing hurt me and what might be their reason behind it? This question makes my brain focus on something else than the outburst I was feeling to give. It gives me time to take a few breaths of air and to calm my body down. 

I might not agree with the reason I got hurt but I will accept the fact that it happened and I will focus on how to change the outcome. I will reach out and try to talk and if that, for some reason will not work I will step away so there will be time to breath. Not giving in or having time for anger , for me, does not mean I will ignore it or the person who hurt me or I hurt them. 

In my past, I held onto anger and it consumed me. It turned me into a bitter person about some things that happened. I took things personally and while I let the anger brew inside me, I no longer had time for other emotions! Days went by where I was cursing and feeling bad for things that had happened. My body was a nervous temple of frustration and more and more anger. Because you see, anger creates more anger and I was DONE with that! 

Of course, I get hurt! Of course things happen and I will feel the anger BUT....

I let it go. I found there is no reason to scream the loudest but listening to the reason does 98% the trick. Why is someone angry at me? Why was that person able to make me feel this way?

I might not agree with the reasons but I will accept them and work with that! 

In the online world people seem to be so angry at times. Screaming in CAPS at each other and trying to get their point as the right vision. I see the same thing happening here on Steemit. And, on a HUGE platform like this people will fight! And in my eyes, most starts with NOT accepting that someone else thinks different on a certain subject! While a good discussion is nothing bad at all, the emotion ( ANGER ) will soon take over and the normal going discussion will turn into a online fight.

All hell will break lose and they start to give in to that anger and a war is brewing..... Instead of talking it becomes screaming and instead of trying to be happy, good posts are being downvoted to show even more anger. The anger will feed the other persons anger and a vicious circel is born! 

img credits : Google angry gifs. 

I have no time for that! I rather focus on the happy bubbles in my life. Of course, if someone for some reason gives me a flag, I will feel it, BUT.... It's their opinion and I can either accept that or start a fight. I prefer to accept and spend my time in a happy bubble. 

And if you want, you can find so many happy bubbles and you can even create them!
I find happiness in the little things and the big things. I find happiness in Steemit because it has given me the chance to connect with the most amazing souls all over the world. I love to write, to create and share and I LOVE, with capital letters, the friends it brought me. So, I focus on those things instead of those who scream at! I choose to see the positive side of Steemit. I choose to focus on those things that will bring a smile upon my face and if possible I hope I can be the reason for someone else here to smile! 

I have no time for ANGER and the reason for that is that I choose to be happy! 

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Anger is dAnger.


I would say, anger is not healthy! :D


I'll tell you what's



An apple a day makes a man


, wealthy, and wise. He would know.

After all, his name is still on the $100 bill.

Excellent post


Thank you :D

Anger is ALWAYS a mask for something deeper. I won't claim mastery, but your advice is one of the skills worth spending a lifetime honing. If you learn to let the anger go and dig a little deeper, you find this crazy ass nugget... wisdom...


I could not agree more with you! Took me a long time to be able to let the anger go! But now that I finally found a way that works for me I could not be more happy!


Synchronicity? This is one of my favorite youtube channels, and this was his video today:

Fuck lucky go happy!!!! True! That’s waisted time! From one 🦁 heart to another-steeeeem on! resteemed!!!cause it’s good!


Oh yes, when you focus on the Good, life sure as hell is good! You will find so many more reason to smile instead of being angry. I prefer to be HAPPY! :D
Thank you for your reply!


I like your way! Always a pleasure! Let’s stay happy and free! Steem on

mooi, ik focus ij ook meestal op de mooi kanten van het leven, en als een persoon pist wordt op mij, dan lach ik het weg, en als ik pist word, kijk ik ook eens diep goed in mezelf wat de onderliggende reden is, meestal is het omdat een spiegel is een blinde vlek die ik nog kenden. life is good


Ja, Ik doe niet anders meer. Ik heb zoveel woede gevoeld in mijn leven, ben er wel klaar mee. Ik focus me liever op alles dat me aan het lachen maakt! En, ik kijk ook eerst in mezelf voordat ik reageer. Er is altijd wel een reden te vinden om kwaad te zijn maar.... Niet voor mij. :D

Hello my lovely friend @poeticsnake, very nice to read your article about "Anger". you wrote the whole story in detail. I agreed your words. and only say Be positive and be happpy all the time. angerness is just spouling your prsonality and cause only loss and hate.


Thank you Rabeel.
It's nice to see you again! Always stay positive and find the good things in life!
Much love <3


Thanks a lot dear @poeticsnake for your sweet words and encouragement.


Always welcome my friend :D

Amazing post thank you


Thank you for stopping by!
Have a marvelous Sunday!

It’s hard to get rid of the anger and resentfulness but I appreciate the inspiration!


It's not easy, i agree with you on that!
Thank you for your reply!
Have a marvelous Sunday!

Anger still consumes me on so many levels but I am trying really hard. I have made lots of progress with it though and I will definitely try to take your steps to try to neutralise it.

It is most definitely a complete waste of time and emotion and does ZERO NET GOOD in the end.

In the words of Gandhi - An eye for an eye leads the whole world blind.

Actually Steemit and Vlogging have already helped me control it much better.

Thanks so much for your post. It was really helpful


laat je glimlach de donkere wolken van kwaadheid verdrijven, groetjes

You are an amazing and wonderful Soul... Full of love and art and creativity. And I am proud to call you my friend. Wonderful article with a lots of great bits of Truth.

“I don’t need an alarm clock. Your ideas wake me.”

Anger is a bad habite can damage our life. w ehave to avoid wasting time and Energy by getting angry and reacting badly. you are right we have to foucs on why this bad accident happen to me and why people hurt me. if we have a close look maybe we will find out that we were wrong.

Very well said. Anger is so destructive. It is much better to let it go...