How to get the perfect body shape in one single step!

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How to get the perfect body shape in one single step!


All it takes is one single step!

BUT, you need to know first what your body shape is! This can be a bit tricky of course and scary as well. It's not always easy and at times it can make you doubt. But, here is what you should do.
Walk to a mirror and look at yourself. Think for a few seconds about your body shape and have a good look at how amazing you are while doing so. Okay, after a few seconds I am sure that you now know what your body shape is and trust me, I also know what your body shape is! I saw you, I eyespied on you through your mirror and I know it all.
You are :

Human shaped!

Nope, end of duscussion! You are human shaped!

How to dress for you shape!


The best way to get a perfect shape to wear jeans is to look in your closet and find some jeans. Put them on!


Put a bikini on your body and you're done.
However, if you are like me, you might struggle witch part to put on first.
When in doubt, start with the top! This gives you a change to look at your wonderful titties and give them a shake! And YES, you guys can flick your nips as well!

Dresses and skirts.

Grab on and pull them over your head and you are ready to go! Yes, you can put on a skirt by pulling it over your head! Yes, you can also break your neck when trying to step in to a dress or skirt but who cares, you look amazing! I mean have a look at @stevenwood!

Sweaters, shirts and all that shit

You can buy them in a shop or steal them in the closet from your partner, friends or family members. All you have to do is stick your arms in first and not slam yourself against a wall. Stand still while getting ready to show yourself off to the world. Pro tip: Sweaters, shirts and all that shit can wrinkle a lot. Pull them over your knees while sitting on a comfy couch, this will stretch them out in a very comfy way. BUT, keep in mind that you might have to run really hard and for your life when you do this with a sweater from your partner. So, be bare foot, no slippers, no flipflops or pumps!

Body shape and seasons!

Winter: Wear what ever you want!
Spring: Wear what ever the fuck you want!
Summer: Wear what ever the fucking fuck you want!
Fall: Wear what ever the fucking fuck fuck you want!

There you have it!

A totally amazing body shape in just one single step!
Embrace yourself for who YOU are and remember to always be YOU!
You are perfect, you are amazing and you shine!

airplane shaped?

If you are this shape I can only tell you to see a doctor but I'll admit, you look stunning as well!


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