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Stratis is one of the most hyped, and exciting crypto projects on the horizon.

They allow businesses and other organizations without blockchain experience to easily integrate blockchain functionality with the comfort and familiarity of C# and Microsoft .NET framework. It streamlines the process and allows for custom chains without the massive overhead that a startup requires.

One of the most exciting features of Stratis is its node provisioning. This allows a company to test the networks of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Lisk, and BitShares without as many roadblocks.

Even more important is that Stratis has working business model with a major client in EarthTwine.

Currently focus is on full implementation of Tumblebit into their Breeze Wallet that helps keep transactions truly anonymous.

The future looks bright for this young startup. You might've missed the lunar landing, but Jupiter is in our sights now.


Disclaimer: Invest at your own risk and DYOR