What's Going On In There?

in life •  2 months ago


It's time to be.... honest. What makes you tick?
Or... What winds your clock?

The world will know soon enough as the content or lack of it will betray you. This is our reckoning. The defining moment.

Me, well I like to ask questions it seems. Do you have the answers? See, there I go with another one. What do you see in your shadows? What lurks there.

Life is not always as transparent as you may be lead to believe.

Which brings us to the point.

It's been said "Lead, follow or get out of the way." Another phrase is "Move it, or build a fence around the herd." Other people's perception of your life may be unimportant, but if you're not grounded and living in the moment then you may be understood as... lights are on but nobody is home.


Get a mentor.

In my circle growing up we had a "sponsorship" type of mentality. What I see here is the witness vote. Where we attach ourselves to the more seasoned member of the group. It's ok to follow until we can lead. I have intentions of expanding that group of veterans to follow, but for today I limit my activities mainly around @partiko as I see their name pop up in a lot of comments. There's also a new mention that has been recurring. #intersteem which is a data stream being developed to help us be more valuable.

I am only Plankton. However, my voice is not silent and my time will come. I see the shadows as long behind me. The sun is in my face, warming the landscape and bringing life to the world.

YEE HAW!! Time to get down to business. Long haul time. Save your steem and invest in more. We are going to crush it!

Thanks for listening to me.


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