Why we are not happy

in #life3 years ago

Psychologists' surveys show that there are more and more people who feel that they are not happy in their lives.

Some people even if they have encountered many failures, they are still very happy living, and some people they have not experienced any big storm, but they just will be miserable and unhappy. Why are all these?

First, why are we unhappy? The answer is because there are various conflicts within us, and the dominant elephant is born with the characteristic of feeling unhappy easily.

Second, how do we pursue happiness scientifically? Most of the external things like money and status cannot make us feel happy, but good relationships and devotion to our passion can make us feel happy continuously.

Third, we can also look beyond the limits of our own selves to seek a greater sense of uplift and happiness beyond our personal interests: to experience nature, to be of high moral character, and to join a larger group of people in pursuit of goals beyond our own significance.

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