It's not hard to chat

in #life3 years ago

Chatting is a skill that can be acquired later in life. For the average person who does not chat for a living, it is possible to master and even become proficient in this skill for social situations through systematic study and practice.

Before you chat, you have to prepare your material, your story, your storyline.

You need to understand each other as much as possible in advance, you need to figure out in advance the entry point for matching the values of both sides, you need to know a few icebreaker routines and ways to naturally spread out the conversation.

There are ways to improvise a conversation as well. The ability to focus on the moment, which is an ability that is increasingly missing in modern times. You also need to have the power of instant association. You can try saying one sentence a day to the stranger next to you, just one sentence.

For example, if you meet your neighbor at the elevator, say something like, "I heard your house was so happy and lively yesterday, it was a friend's party, right?

For example, if you meet the security guard at the entrance of your neighborhood, say something like, "The lock on the back door of our neighborhood has been fixed, it's very efficient.

Every day and next to the stranger to say a word, you will find, and talk to people this thing is not difficult.

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