LifeSaver Helicopter

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This is a Bell 407 from 2013, powered by a ROLLS-ROYCE 250-C47B with 650 horsepower. What a chopper!

The pilots and crew basically live and fly out of our airport. When they need to pick up injured patients, they are always ready to take off at the sound of the alarm. All they do, is eat, sleep and fly, and on idle moments, they stay inside the FBO building (fixed base operator) probably wishing to fly some more20170923_135406_Film4.jpg. Hard working people, but no hard work for someone who loves his/her job.

In case you wonder, the AC was there to obviously keep the pilots more cool than what they usually are. Nah, it's just to keep the patients comfortable.


Nice thanks for the info on the chopper.

Your welcome !