Crazy Dreams What?

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I had what I like to call a lot of stress dreams last night. I think because of my fear of flying and heights.

I was going to fly with someone from my past and we were late so there was only a part of the airplane left. It was just the wing and they were trying to talk me into getting on the wing. I wouldn't do it, so he missed his flight.

Then I was back in my restaurant days. I go to work there at least once a week, in my sleep! This time I am cooking lasagna for a group of people. I am making it gluten free and with all of the freshest ingredients. I soon realize that one pan isn't going to be enough. I sit it out with some asparagus, that I forgot to cook! Then, I go about my business freaking out about how I'm going to make more lasagna. I can't find any noodles or meat. I finally find some Pre-made noodles with meat in a bag that I can doctor up with cheese, while I cook the asparagus!

Everyone arrived at the restaurant, and my anxiety turned to money. I had rolls of it hidden and of course, I couldn't find it.

And.. there's a random rocket ship that I shouldn't be afraid of because there hasn't been any fatalities, but I am. Then we all take off in a truck with my favorite shoes in the bed.

It's all random, I know. I'm not sure what I'm stressed out about, exactly.. other than normal everyday things. Two events always pop up, though. College and waiting tables. This seems to have been the most stressful part of my life, my 20's. I dream that I've had a class all semester and I forgot and never went, but in the end I'm always confused because I already have a degree, and why am I going back to high school?

Then there's waiting tables.. I'm always in the "weeds", I can't remember anyone's order, and I'm the only one there working! Then, I don't end up making any money because I forgot my uniform!

Well, that was my night! Definitely, more exciting than what we call my "real" life, but completely out of control. That being said, as close as I ever really get to a nightmare. Thanks for reading!! Sweet dreams!!


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