Never give up when God is your protector.

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Scientists say that, an adult healthy man has a sperm of 400 million in the amount of semen excreted with intercourse. So, according to logic, if the amount of sperm could be found in women's womb, 40 million children would be made!

This 40 million sperm runs like madness on the mother's uterus, living only 300-500 sperm.
Most of them tired or lost in running on the run. These 300-500 sperm, which have been able to reach the ovaries. Among them, only one super strong sperm fertile the ovaries, or mix with the ovaries. That lucky sperm is you or me, or all of us.
Have you ever thought about this great war?

  1. When you ran "You did not have any peeps, but you won.
  2. When you ran "you did not have a certificate, there was no brain but you won.
  3. You did not have any education when you ran, no one did help but you won.
  4. When you ran, you had a destination and ran alone in the right direction with the aim of the destination, and till the end you won.
    After that, many children are lost on their mother's stomach. But you have not died, have been able to complete 10 full months.
    Many children die during birth but you survive.
  • Many children die in the first 5 years of birth. You are still alive.
  • Many children die from malnutrition. Nothing has happened to you.
  • Many people have gone out of the world on the path of being grown, you are still alive.
    And today ......
    If you are worried about something, you get depressed, but why? Why do you think you lost? Why have you lost confidence? Now you have friends, brothers, certificates, everything. There are hands, education, there is brain to plan, there are people to help, but you've lost hope. When you did not accept the risk on the first day of life. Fighting with mortality of 40 million sperm, alone, won the competition alone without any help.
    When someone leaves your life,
    Can not accept that?
    Why do you break into something like that ??
    Why you do not want to live anymore?
    Why did you lose?
    It is possible to present thousands of words, but why are you frustrated?
    Why you lose Why you agree? You won at the beginning, won the last, you will win in the middle. Give yourself time, ask yourself what is your talent. Always pay attention to whoever desires, always remember God. Only God is your Protector.

Good day to all.

Stay blessed.

Keep following.

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I like this That lucky sperm is you or me, and we all of us. and yes never give up.........., any how and by the way how are you today on the moon.......ha.ha...ha........ha.......