The mind is a good servant but a bad master

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Mind is the main cause of man's happiness and man's unhappines. This is absolutely clear.

Everything that is happening to us is a direct consequence of the work of our mind. Our mind generates thousands of thoughts throughout the day. The mind produces thoughts when we are awake and then we are mostly aware of their thoughts and mind is a useful tool.

During the sleep, mind does not stop working but works on the other frequency and then our thoughts become our dreams. As we are unaware of every single thought that is born in our mind during the day, we often do not even remember our dreams.

Ignorant of his own thoughts, man lives like in a dream, he lives his entire life sleeping with his eyes open. But it is never too late for a man to wake up, and the only way to do this is to take control of the mind and become his master, as it is suposed to be.

As we have already said, mind is a generator of thoughts. Man has thousands of thoughts per day. Some of them are positive, and some are negative. Positive thoughts lead to positive words, positive words leads to positive feelings, positive feelings lead to positive acts and our acts are that what forms a good character, and the character of man determines his destiny.

If most of the thoughts that a man perceives in the course of the day is negative, it's not strange that whole human life is full of negativity and suffering.

Look at the world.

You can see so many negativity around us and the worst of all is that we think this is normal, life have to be like that. If we only knew that every single person hold the key of his life in his own hands, or mind. But, it's not too late for man to make a change. This is the reason I writte this post for people who read this to stop a second and ask yourself: Am I my own master or servant?

To get rid of suffering, you need to master your thoughts. You need to become conscious about thoughts that are born into your mind. When you become aware of your thoughts, you can control them. At that moment you became the master of your mind and you can use it for your own good. Mind has become your tool by which you can create the life you want.

Well, how to start? A conscious effort must be made. It's not that hard. First, you have to frequently ask yourself: Am I aware? Why do I do this? Why exactly like this? Pay attention to your thoughts, are they mostly positive or negative? How are you feeling?

Thoughts create emotions, and emotions direct your actions. Negative thoughts produce negative emotions such as fear, and fear leads to the man living as a servant of his mind. The servant has a poor life, and is not aware that everything can change and that life does not have to be suffering.

On the other hand, one who has mastered his thoughts has the perfect tool to make his life a masterpiece.Make conscious effort every day to follow your thoughts. Three things will surely help.

Start meditating! It will calm down your mind,

Exercise! That will make your mind become clearer so that you can become more aware your thoughts.

Pronounce affirmations! That will help you to put your thoughts in a positive direction.

With this 3 easy steps you are now on the good track to become the master of your mind. Just be persistent and don't quit! You will be grateful to you some day.

The journey is just starting, let's go together!

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