How to Be DTubegenic on Camera - 5 Killer Reasons To Be Yourself !!!

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When I first started doing videos or public speaking, I would really try to be perfect. I'd try to be my "ideal self" often getting frustrated if something didn't go a certain way or getting pissed off at myself if I didn't pronounce a word perfectly. When I first started here, my first channel @DNews was talking about cryptocurrencies because I was so enamoured by them at the time. When @chrispy99 actually told me, "There's already a DNews, that's a big name to live up to...might look into copyright" (something along those lines) - So I decided to change it to "DTube News" and figured I'll just talk about my thoughts on DTube and the happenings of the platform. I got to just be myself. And a few benefits came out of the way as well. So think about taking that approach and just being yourself. Think about it.

  1. You'll be happier
  2. You'll attract the right people
  3. Free from Judgement
  4. Nothing to Prove to anyone
  5. Confidence

Hope you enjoyed the video and it helped you be more DTubegenic :) let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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You are right. I have just started vloging recently and I often keep this in mind whether I am saying thus word right or not, what is my background, how do I look like and all that.
I think when you are presenting yourself then you have to keep these things in your mind.
But at the same time I am trying to be as energetic and informal as i could be.

That's a good strategy! Just be natural and be yourself :)

Dude I am here to prove I can do it! But not to you, to myself!

find your zen zone and roll from there
step outside your comfort zone
rework it when it doesn't fit
own the goof, show your flaws
or just take another shot!

I like to freestyle, notes bog me down, whatever at the moment comes to mind.

@phototutorials great words of experience, as always!

Keep it Real!

I believe you can do it my brotha :) go go go! Keep on truckin'

You've got a beautiful soul. Let it shine, baby!


I watch your @dnews channel every day! If you have time please checkout my animation videos if you have time. I'm the only one animator on @dtube! Thank you.

Oh wow! Thanks so much :) definitely I'll check it out :)

Thank you :)

Nice write up.. Now am interested in DTube.. I'll get into it.. Thanks @phototutorials

Cool! Happy to hear that! Make sure you let me know when you make your first DTube video :)

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Good tip. I'm on my third week and am still kinda finding myself, but I think I'm on the right track.

Keep at it, partner! :)

Amazing video! thanks a lot bro. I needed to hear this today. :)

Great post! I have relaxed such a lot from my early video days. I am more myself now, and I think people respond to that. It's also more fun for me. When I thought I had to be perfect, like the 'old fashioned' tv presenters, it was hard work and I was very critical of my videos. Now I do my best and relax about the boo boos! If anything, In think audiences warm to people who make the odd mistake. It shows them that we are human too. My audience love it when I put some boo boos at the end of a video too :)

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