Getting Lost is not always a bad thing

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I am working on my second book right now, which is a series of poems and short stories. The following is one of the poems I wrote...

Title: Getting Lost

It would take a lifetime
To discover the depths of my soul.

Any soul.

I guess I do not have time for that.

I would be foolish to think
anyone would invest that amount of time in me.

Complex is a turn-off,
But for me it is life.

Take your little problems
and multiply them by a thousand,
Then you will have the sum of my family.

Everyone has baggage,
But I’ve got a whole container ship.

Peel back one layer
Only to find many more.

Like ‘falling down the rabbit hole’,

You will get lost
in me.

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We often think that our skeleton, our baggage, is much more than others, sometimes its true, but we are our own worst thinking most of the time

I like the peom, a bit sad.

Chin up my friend.