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Remember when you were small, parents or teachers used to ask what are your ambitions ?
People are usually not born with the luxury of knowing what they want to do since day 1, and consider yourself lucky if you have it all figured it out during your teenage years, which is also your most rebellious years.

However for some of us, we never really have it figured out. So where does this brings us ?

It is supposed to be the time of opportunities and adventures, before your student loan reminder mail arrives at your inbox. But sadly, it is also during this time that many are dealing with anxiety, the fear about jobs, unemployment and relationships.

This phenomenon that revolves about insecurities, loneliness and depression often have no telling signs to people around, sometimes not even to the perpetrator himself.

This path will be lonely, but fruitful because this will be an essential transition for people in their mid 20s to experience a large change in their life. After all, pain is the biggest motivator that leads you to bring about a change in your current life.

Instead of having the perception that quarter life crisis is a kind of social stigma, we should consider it as a rite of passage today. It is only upon hitting rock bottom that you will then open up to reevaluating your situation. Which brings about the question:

Is this really what I want?

This is a repost of my first post in Steemit more than 6 months ago. Just reposing it so that it reaches a wider audience now.


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