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Wow I love being on the beach. This picture brings back good memories from my duty station in Gulfport Mississippi


I'm glad we could remind you of nice memories :)
Does the Gulfport look similar to this picture?

I think it's great to see. I have a lot of great posting from my vision.

I would love to swim there! This is breathtaking, and looks like paradise. Enjoy your time there, and get in some fishing!



Thank you! We didn't do any fishing, no-one did it there. We were on Kalanggaman for a day trip from Malapascua, so we enjoyed swimming there as much as we could :)IMG_20180501_132812_01__01.jpg


Looks fine, and it would be nice to eat fish, fresh caught; cooked on the beach, in palm leaves!


Wow, ang sarap siguro jan


Sorry, what does it mean?