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The word challenge originates from accepting a challenge, which is difficult, but not impossible, to achieve the objectives that are presented to us in any situation, whether created by us or due to causes beyond our control. There are two types of staff and the community that is that several people meet to achieve some goal of benefits to achieve a win in general, such as national and international sports games where you fight to represent a country.

The staff is an individual challenge that each of us place ourselves through life, this serves as a stimulus to always keep our lives full of satisfactions and lose the fear of facing new challenges. This is achieved with determination, effort, tenacity sacrifices, otherwise it should not be called a challenge, since we must consider that by working with effort and achieving the goal we will feel fulfilled and fulfilled as successful people.

Here comes what a challenge means to me, I have had many in my life, in many I have triumphed but in others I have fallen precipitously, and I do not deny that it has cost me to overcome my confidence in myself. Today I accept the challenges more calmly if I succeed, I celebrate if it does not sadden me but I move on, that's why life, steemit, @leuuw have placed me a new challenge to achieve through a game of creativity, concentration, mental agility to gather Many people who wish to participate, and will be rewarded for their performance in it.

The most important thing is to get a team of people that I call them as the @leeuw team Who has stolen the hearts of many steemianos, for their altruistic work of social help, has many ideas and I think we can work as people of help, and thus help slumping brothers, as ourselves, I am actually new to the network but I have faith that I will be able to be a good support to the new friends that register in steemit, so I invite you to participate in this challenge, from the hand of @leeuw the war cry is to win and win.


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Thank you very much @perlanacarada for taking your challenges seriously and, that was another well written posting worthy of our steemit blockchain.

I am ready for the challenge and my engine is firing on all cylinders! I will win and find all owls first!


@leeuw the labels to use are the same of the true contests?


@perlanacarada , labels, titles are all yours. No consistencies or references to my labels or numbering scheme are needed, thanks