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I love editing and i do it on a daily basis. Mostly for my startup or for clients. Normally i charge around 49$ per picture. You have a chance now to win such a picture edit!

How it works?

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this is it!

i'll chose the most creative comment who wins. then you send me your favourite picture you want me to edit. I'll edit it with different styles and send it back to you. Voilà there you go with a fresh n fancy new profile picture for Steemit, Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook. or perhaps you'll print it and hang it on the wall ;D

Normally i post every week, so you every week you got a new chance to win!


About Me & The Perfspots Project:
Hi, im Ivan.
Perfspots stands for Perfect Spots. My passion is to explore places I've never been before. While running a startup, i travel as much as possible. Here i share the Perfect Spots i enjoyed the most. Spots you can get a great meal, sip a coffee with a breathtaking view or experience an exciting adventure.
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What i realized
"This world has more to offer than we can explore in a lifetime.", so what are you waiting for? go out there and explore this beautiful planet.

Learn more
about the Perfspots project here:


*some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you follow the link and make a purchase or a booking i get a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you want to buy or book any of the options and want to help me out at the same time then please use one of these links! It fuels my Perfspots Porject :D

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Definitely an interesting shot with so many elements and amazingly I see this to be a journey from being barefoot to the flip flops.

nice post,

This is amazing photography...

This is really great. It is good for someone to do what he has passion for. How do you charge per picture?

@perfspots It's always the angles that make a good photo even better! Appreciate ur work! I invite you to my photography blog, u will surely love it!

Great work bro! Keep it up :)


even if I hate these stairs in the shape of a snail, the photo seems very cool to me :)

Thanks for sharing :D :D

cool, Lightroom Preset?

That's amazing, I am coming at your insta buddy!

Really nice picture, but I'd probably be distracted by my fear of heights to take a picture like this. Good work!


Great shot,Reminds me of Led Zeps song -----"-and she is buying a stairway to heaven-- "

I'd love to edit some of your pictures!

From Calabozo,Venezuela. I think i just found a lost brother, ha ha! I love editing pic, not for a like on instagram or anything, but just for funny and artistic attacks. In fact, sometimes i don't even post them.
With a little of imagination, love and divine inspiration u can do a million things. That's what it's about! Yesterday i post In my profile something that explains in sentiment what i mean. He he! "The war between the skulls and plane papers". I don't send u the link for i don't wanna do spam.

Peace, bro! Good lucky, smile! @perfspots

If the picture has been edited. That's cool

I love what you are doing! This is a great photo, good luck with your business!

Hi, It is a nice post!

the first thing that happened was a bit of dizziness from trying to look Past the stairs. interesting to me that the stairs weren't what made me dizzy, but trying to look at everything else.

Hmmm.. sound interesting

That is really great attempt to create by editing such a unique image.

Felicitaciones que creativo

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This is amazing photography that i shouldn't think about and it is simple and adorable photo

The picture resolution is awesome, and it contains over a thousand information to all that beholds it. Nice post!

muy buen angulo excelente foto

Cool picture... extraordinary optics👍

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