So, yesterday we ate some scorpions, sugar coated strawberries and ramen.

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So, here in China, pretty much everything is blocked by the great firewall (except steemit, loove it). I have a few videos that I would love to upload for the blog, but since I have no computer I can't seem to get working for the videos, and youtube for obvious reasons. Anyone have a solution for I can see the upload page but it doesn't start the upload process. As of now, the video proof will be on my website.

So, the day started with us going to the forbidden city

However, it was not as great as one could think, not because the place aint amazing, but rather because they did not let us in. We passed the first security checkin, no problems so far... but after the security checkin they did not let us buy tickets to get inside. It was not because I look scary (yea, watch out for that curly haired white guy), but rather because we needed our passports to be allowed to buy tickets. I had mine with me, but kim did not, so one could say our plans changed.

Instead of the forbidden city we took a cab to 798 art district

We walked around and saw some cool stuff, however, I could not find the places I used to visit. Guess they changed it or I am a poor guide... latter is just as likely as if they changed something. However we found a nice seven eleven there and got some lunch, we filmed our reaction trying some of the stuff, but that will be shown after we get home. In my last post you can find some pictures of art we found there.

Since we failed with the forbidden city, and failed to find the right spots in 798, we went for some coco

Atleast coco can't fail... or can it?
Let's put it like this, she asked us something and we did not fully understand, but apparently she asked for sugarlevel and how much ice we liked. We responded that we don't want that much sugar, but apparently that also ment not that much ice. I guess my Chinese aint spot on anymore haha!
So our coco was not as cold as we would have liked, and not that sweet. However, it was a good drink none the less. With our coco we went back to the hostel so Kim could get some sleep and I could do some updates on the blog. Also found some time to do some online coaching.

After napping and internetting we went for a walk, I knew where we were going but kim did not.

We went to Wangfujin food market to try scorpions and other stuff. First we walked through it and looked at what they were offering, pretty cool place. However for me, I was a bit tired and got exhausted by all the smells and the heat. So I did not feel like trying a lot of stuff, so instead we settled for scorpions...
Videos found here:
We also enjoyed some sugarcoated strawberries, and kim also tried sugar coated apples, the last one sucked.

The scorpions and strawberries were a success, after that we went for some more food

We were planning to go to GuiJie, which is also called "ghost street". But we went into a shopping mall to use the bathroom, and we also saw a cinema and decided to buy tickets. The movie was starting in 50 minutes so we decided to grab some food at the mall... to bad they only had about 30+ restaurants to choose from... One of the biggest problems about Beijing is that we have to few choices when it comes to food... NOT!
We decided to have some nice Ramen, which is noodle soup.

I had a bowl with 3 different kinds of pork and a broth of scalions and onions.

Kim had a bowl of marinated pork (awesome) and their classical broth.

It was a tasty and satisfying meal.

Then it was time for Jurassic world.

But I guess you could figure out the movie from the tickets, it's clearly stated there.
The seating was amazing at this theater and the 3D was not as annoying as it is in Sweden. One major aspect was the glasses, that actually felt nice to have on. Which we never experienced in Sweden. We actually prefer not to watch 3D in Sweden simply because it sucks.

Then it was time to go home

We went for a walk, and we only managed to get in 24,635 steps in total. Our feets do feel the amount of pavement walking, but it's all good. On our way home we passed this house, which looked cool

We also took a few other photos yesterday, and the following are a few of them we did not post earlier. From the street of our hostel.

Now it's tme to go get something to eat and enjoy yet another exciting day in Beijing

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