Shanghai - swollen feet and bad Wificonnection

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Last time you heard from me I was writing my last post on the bullet train on our way too Shanghai. At this point in time it has gone 4 days with bad Wificonnection and a lot of exploring, so what about a small recap. By the way this bloggpost is written by yours truly Kim :D

First whole day in Shanghai and the wait for coffee was never ending.

The plan for Anders was too go and work out in the morning but we both woke up by the housekeepingtrolly outside our hotellroom. As a sneeky ninja I moved unnoticed too the door, opened it slowly a few cm and hanged out the "Do not disterb"-sign. The door closed with a BANG - so much for beeing a ninja... ;)
We got our self ready pretty quickly too go outside and find some coffee.

The coffee that never came...

Being a preggo I don't drink that much coffee anymore, due to the amount of coffein. One too two cups a day is enough. But for Anders prio 1 in the morning is to get som coffee. Preforably a cup of coffee standing beside his bedside. That's why an uncaffeinated Anders is a sad Anders. So kids, drugs are bad for you...

Until the coffee comes. Then the day can truly start!

Fun fact. I was almost run over by a bike 2 times while taking this photo. XD

Too the town that is not new.

The plan of the day was to go to The old town - Yuyuan Old Street. Anders beeing our tourguide or my translater told the taximan where too and of we went. It's nice going by Taxi in an unfamiliar city! That way you see things you might not see otherways.

When we arrived at our destination we were both big eyed and ready to explore. On the sidewalk towards Old Town there where a lot of merchants trying to sell us fake bags ans watches. Anders politly said Bu yao, which means no. But one of them insisted and kept on trying to make us buy from him. Anders then replied Bu jong, which roughfly translates to HELL NO! At the same time having that boyish twinkle in is eyes. The merchant got pissed off and started to yell at us while we started to giggle and walk away.

The Old Town was a truly special place too visit. People everywhere and a whole lot to look at.

As the hardcore shoppers we are we got away with a ised Vanilla Latte, a refridgeratermagnet and two wodden bracelets. If we don't count the pictures we took and the memorys we got from the place.

What more can this day offer?

Well after exploring Yuyuan The Old Town we stated walking back to familiar surroundings. On our path we came across a nice looking park with some creative sculptered bushes.

Can you spot the Sharks?

We started to feel a roumbling sensation in our stomach and a growing headache from lack of Coffee.

We desided to take a Fika at a restaurant called Sweet Recipe. Got really excited over the face that we could order coffeemilkshakes a longside our cake. The cake came fairly quickly a Duriancake. Do you know off the stinky delicasy?

But do you think the coffee came? No, it took forever! And they missed up the order, we only got 1 coffeemilkshake when we ordered 2. Sad Anders is sad and disapointed.

After the Fika we explored a supermarket.

There where mangos everywhare. Mangos has been one of the cravings I've had during my pregnancy and the looked impecable! There was even a chart over when you could eat them if you have eny preferences.

Also with the avokado.

The night was still young, but what did we want to do?

I was starting to feel sore in my legs and feet, fortunately outside a cinema. We looked at the movieoptions and desided on a movie called "Escape Plan 2". Great!

But what about food?

Anders had a crawing of some Bao zi, they are delicious so fine by me :D We took a left down a alley right outside the cinema. Stopped outside a restaurant ad asked if the had Bao zi, they did amongst other things. We where kind of crampt of time and asked how long we would have to wait. 10 min they said. We felt kind of forced and didn't have a nice feeling of the place. We left and as we looked across the street, there it was! A traditional crampted little nook where they sell Bao zi from 1,5 yuen a piece. Exactly what we wanted! 4 beef Bao zi and 2 veggie Bao zi later we bought something to drink and sat down to enjoy.

Can you see the love?

A day of swollen feet and coffee that took forever ended being a really nice day.

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